Items of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


[edit] Phantom Hourglass

An Hourglass you find in the ocean temple. It helps stop Time by using the sands contained in it..

[edit] Phantom Sword

A sword that defeats Phantom Creatures, whereas a normal sword couldn't. Is formed by three Rare metals you collect near the end of the game. Once all three are found they will form with a sword too form the Phantom Sword, before you go too fight Bellum the Phantom Hourglass will also merge with the Sword. When done this allows you too stop time.

[edit] Sword

A normal sword that wont work on Phantom creatures but just normal creatures. Found in Mercary Island.

[edit] Boomerang

An item that can be used too stun enemy's or hit far of switches. Found in the Temple of Fire.

[edit] Bombs

An explosive that can be used too blow up walls and kill creatures. Found in the temple of wind.

[edit] Bow & Arrow

An item that can be used too hit Eyes on the walls, hit far off switches and kill enemies.Found in the temple of courage.

[edit] Bombchus

A type of bomb that is basically the same as a normal bomb but it moves around on the floor and you can draw where it'll stop on the map. Its in the shape of a mouse, its very useful for avoiding/killing enemies or hitting far off switches without traveling. Found in the Goron Temple.

[edit] Clawshot

A great item that can be used too Stun enemy's, make some sort of bridge and pull yourself across gaps.

[edit] Hammer

An item that can be used too smash down certain switches, flatten enemy's. Found in Mutoh's Temple.

[edit] Shovel

Can be used too dig up land, find treasure, find secret entrances. Found on Molida Island.




Bow & Arrow

Grappling Hook


Oshus's Sword

Phantom Hourglass

Phantom Sword

Purple Potion

Red Potion

Sand of Hours


Wooden Shield

Yellow Potion

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