Items of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

There are many items located throughout Link's adventure across Koholint Island. This guide will give you information on these items, and where to obtain them:

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[edit] Primary Equipment

[edit] Sword

  • The sword Link first had when he washed ashore on Koholint Island. To retrieve it Link must return to the beach after waking up. The sword is by the water waiting for Link to take it.

[edit] Ultimate Sword

  • The upgraded sword that allows Link to fire sword beams at full health as well as boasting more power. This sword is obtained by collected 20 secret seashells and then heading to Seashell Mansion. This blade resembles the Master Sword in appearance.

[edit] Shield

  • The shield Link first had when he washed ashore on Koholint Island. Tarin gives this to Link shortly after he wakes up.

[edit] Mirror Shield

  • Located in the Eagle's Tower, the Mirror Shield is a powerful shield that can protect you against many things your previous shield could not (such as fire and magic attacks).

[edit] Other Equipment

[edit] Bombs

  • Purchased at the shop, bombs are useful for blasting open cracked walls, damaging enemies, and triggering switches.

[edit] Boomerang

  • Given to you after completing the Trading Quest, the Boomerang is a long distance weapon that can be used to hit switches and enemies from far away.

[edit] Bow

  • Purchased at the Mabe Village Shop, the Bow can fire Arrows at enemies and targets from a distance.

[edit] Flippers

  • Located in the Angler's Tunnel, the Flippers allow Link to swim and dive in deep water.

[edit] Hookshot

  • The Hookshot allows Link to latch onto things from a distance and pull himself towards them. Great for clearing long distances, it can also be used to stun and/or damage certain enemies. It's in the Catfish's Maw.

[edit] Magic Powder

  • Made from the Magic Mushroom at the Witch's Hut, this powder can be sprinkled on torches to light them, and can cause strange effects to many enemies, sometimes damaging them or transforming them.

[edit] Magic Rod

  • The Magic Rod is the equivalent to the Fire Rod in A Link to the Past, in that it can launch balls of fire to light torches, damage enemies, and melt ice. It is found in Turtle Rock.

[edit] Ocarina/Flute

  • Found in the Dream Shrine, the Ocarina/Flute can play melodies that can activate certain warps and awaken sleeping creatures.

[edit] Pegasus Boots

  • The Pegasus Boots allow Link to charge at a fast speed. They can be used to push through hordes of enemies, knock things off high shelves, travel faster, and break through certain areas. It is located in the Key Cavern.

[edit] Power Bracelet (Level 1)

  • The Power Bracelet allows Link to lift heavy objects he couldn't lift before. It is located in the Bottle Grotto.

[edit] Power Bracelet (Level 2)

  • An upgrade to the level 1 version of the bracelet that lets Link lift even heavier object than before. This item is found in the Face Shrine and replaces the old bracelet.

[edit] Roc's Feather

  • The Roc's Feather gives you the ability to jump a short distance. It is found in the Tail Cave.

[edit] Shovel

  • Purchased at the Mabe Village Shop, the shovel allows you to dig for items and other treasure.

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