Items of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

There are many various items obtained throughout A Link to the Past. This section will give you a full look at many of those items, ordered by when you can get them in the game, and how to obtain them:

For information on the other items found in the game, please refer to their appropriate sections:


[edit] 1) Lamp


The lamp can be found at three different places at the beginning of the game: 1) In a chest inside Link's house. 2) In a chest in the tunnel that leads to the Hyrule Castle Courtyard. 3) In a chest next to Zelda in the Hyrule Dungeon. The lamp allows you to see a limited distance ahead of you in the dark, and also allows you to light torches at the cost of a small ammount of Magic Power.

[edit] 2) Boomerang


The Boomerang can be found in a chest during your first visit to Hyrule Castle at the start of the game. It allows you to stun and damage certain enemies from a distance. Note: later in the game, you can upgrade your boomerang to the Magic Boomerang by throwing it into the Fairy Fountain located in the Waterfall near Zora's Falls.

[edit] 3) Bombs


Bombs can be purchased from shops or found in certain treasure chests thoughout the game. They have a two second fuse before they are detonated, and can be used to clear paths by breaking through cracked walls and damage enemies. They can also be lifted up and thrown a short distance. You can plant two bombs at a time.

[edit] 4) Bug Catching Net


The Bug Catching Net is given to you by the sick boy in a hut located in Kakariko Village. It can be used to catch bees and fairies for empty bottles, and can also deflect Agahnim's magic attacks later in the game.

[edit] 5) Bow


The bow is located in the Big Chest in the Eastern Palace. It can be used to fire arrows from a distance at enemies and targets. Use arrows wisely! Note: Near the end of the game, you can take your bow to the Fairy Fountain in the Pyramid of Power (made accessible by taking the Super Bomb from the Bomb Shop where your house used to be to the large crack in the Pyramid's wall and detonating it). If you throw your bow into the water, you can recieve the Silver Arrows, which are much stronger arrows that allow you to defeat the final boss.

[edit] 6) Pegasus Boots


Given to you by Sahasrahla after completing the Eastern Palace dungeon, these boots allow you to run/charge at fast speeds. Use them to travel faster, and to crash into certain objects to obtain items that you couldn't get to before!

[edit] 7) Ice Rod


Located in a secret cave in Lake Hylia (accessible by using bombs on a cracked area of the northern wall of the lake's outer rim), the Ice Rod uses magic power to freeze enemies and targets.

[edit] 8) Book of Mudora


Found in the Kakariko Village Library, you can obtain the Book of Mudora by using the Pegasus Boots to charge into the book shelf that it is on. Once you have obtained it, you can use it to translate ancient Hylian slabs hidden throughout Hyrule.

[edit] 9) Power Gloves


Found in the Desert Palace, the Power Gloves allow you to lift the large and small light colored rocks that you weren't able to lift before.

[edit] 10) Moon Pearl


Found in Hera's Tower, the Moon Pearl allows you to retain your normal shape in the Dark World, preventing the unfortunate, and, basically useless, transformation into a Bunny that is experienced on your first trip into the Dark World.

[edit] 11) Zora's Flippers


Zora's Flippers allow you to swim in deep water. To get them, go to Zora's Falls, located in the far northeast corner of the Light World. Make sure you have the Power Gloves first, as there are several obstacles on the way. Once you make it through Zora's Falls, the flippers can be purchased from the giant Zora at the end for 500 rupees.

[edit] 12) Magic Mirror


The Magic Mirror is given to you from the Old Man on Death Mountain as a thank you for guiding him through the caves. While it has no immediate use, it can be used to move from the Dark World to the Light World at any time, leaving a portal for quick return in the spot where you used it.

[edit] 13) Mushroom/Magic Powder


Found in the Lost Woods is a rare mushroom, which you will inevitably find on your journey through the woods in search of the Master Sword. Take it to the Witch's Hut in the southeast area of the Light World to have her make it into Magic Powder, which, amongst other things, can be used to transform certain enemies into faires.

[edit] 14) Magic Hammer


Found in the first Dark World dungeon, the Magic Hammer allows you to pound down certain stakes, as well as flip certain enemies over to make them damageable, as well as cause damage to others. Despite the misleading name, the Magic Hammer does not use up magic power.

[edit] 15) Shovel/Flute


In the Dark World, go to the area where the Haunted Grove would be in the Light World (near the southernmost entrance to Kakariko Village/Village of Outcasts). Talk to the creature sitting on the stump to recieve the shovel. Warp back to the Light World, and use the shovel to dig in the north eastern area of the grove until you dig up the flute. Then, take the Flute to the center of Kakariko Village where the large bird statue is. Play the Flute to awaken the bird, who, when summoned by playing the flute, will now transport you to various occasions across the Light World.

[edit] 16) Hookshot


Found in the second dungeon in the Dark World, the Hookshot can latch on to certain far away objects, such as chests or pots, and pull you towards them. The Hookshot can also be used to stun certain enemies and obtain far away items.

[edit] 17) Fire Rod


Found in the third Dark World dungeon, the Fire Rod is the "polar" opposite of the Ice Rod, whereas it shoots fire rather than ice. The Fire Rod can be used to damage strong enemies and light torches from a distance. It, like the Ice Rod, also consumes a significant ammount of magic power every use.

[edit] 18) Titan's Mitts


Found in the Gargoyle's Domain, the fourth Dark World dungeon, the Titan's Mitts allow you to lift the small and big dark colored rocks that you were previously unable to lift with the Power Gloves.

[edit] 19) Cane of Byrna


Although not a necessary quest item, this can be useful. You can find it by going into the Death Mountain portal you first used during your first trip to Death Mountain, and jumping down to a lower ledge that leads to a cave. Pound the stakes down with the Magic Hammer, and follow through the trail of spikes until you reach the treasure chest containing the Cane on the other side. The Cane of Byrna surrounds Link in a shield that prevents him from harm and damages enemies at the cost of magic power.

[edit] 20) Magic Cape


Another unnessecary but still useful item, the Magic Cape allows Link to disappear and avoid certain obstacles and enemies at the cost of magic power. To obtain, go to the Graveyard in the Light World, and use the Titan's Mitts to lift the heavy rocks located infront of the one tombstone. Push back the tombstone to enter a cave where you can obtain the Magic Cape.

[edit] 21) Ether


Ether is a Magical Medallion which allows you to open the entrance to the sixth Dark World dungeon, illuminate hidden paths, and defeat most enemies onscreen at the cost of magic power. To recieve Ether, go to the summit of Death Mountain in the Light World (where Hera's Tower is), and go left across a bridge. Use the Book of Mudora to read the green slab there, to recieve Ether.

[edit] 22) Quake


Quake is another Magic Medallion, this one allowing you to transform enemies and open the entrance to the seventh Dark World dungeon, Turtle Rock, at the cost of magic power. To recieve Quake, go to the area in the Dark World that led to Zora's Falls in the Light World. Near where the waterfall leading to the Fairy's Fountain was will be a ring of stones in the water. Throw a sign or rock in to the ring to awake a beast, who will toss you Quake in order to make you leave him alone.

[edit] 23) Bombos


The most powerful of the Magic Medallions, Bombos instantly kills almost every enemy onscreen once it is used. To obtain it, go to the Dark World, and go all the way to the area where, if it was the Light World, would be the last area before you entered the desert. You should see an odd outcropping of stakes. Go through that area, and use the Magic Mirror to go back to the Light World. Go to left and you will find another Hylian text block, identical to the one that gave you Ether. Use the Book of Mudora to translate, and to recieve Bombos.

[edit] 24) Staff of Somaria


Found in Misery Mire, the sixth Dark World dungeon, this item allows you to use magic power to create blocks, which can be used against enemies and to activate pressure switches. Also, the Staff can create large platforms in certain areas which can be used to travel across large gaps, making this item extremly useful and necessary in Turtle Rock.

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