Items & Equipment of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

[edit] Swords

There are two swords in Oracle of Seasons. You are given the first one at the start of the game, but in order to receive the stronger Noble Sword, you must complete a trading sequence later on in the game. The Noble Sword is significantly stronger, allows you to fire beams out of it when you are at full health, and can break through various pots and signs with a single swipe.

  • Wooden Sword: This is the first sword that Link acquires, as he obtains it in the Hero's cave near the beginning of the game. He uses it to slash away at enemies, and it is his main weapon.
  • Noble Sword: This sword is Link's second sword, and it can be used to destroy pots and signs and shoot beams of light.
  • Master Sword The Master Sword is the third and final sword in the game (excluding the Biggoron Sword). This is a very special sword because it can only be obtained by using a special Link code by linking this game with The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Once you can link you need to talk to Farore and tell her the code and use it on the main menu.
  • Biggoron Sword The Biggoron Sword is a special Sword that has increased power and strength. To obtain this sword you need to complete a special trading sequence then tell Farore a special code to link with The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Then in this game talk to the giant Goron on the mountain and he will give it to you.

[edit] Shields

There are two shields in Oracle of Seasons. The first one is given to you early on in the game, but must wait awhile until you can upgrade your shield again. The improved shield, the Iron Shield, allows you to blow things more frequently and successfully.

  • Wooden Shield: This is a basic shield that is used to block attacks from enemies. You can pay 30 rupees in the village shop to acquire it.
  • Iron Shield: This shield is the same as the first, but it can block stronger and more attacks. You obtain this from the Subrosian Smith if you give him a hard ore.
  • Hylian Shield The Hylian Sheild is the third and final shield in the game that can block more successfully. But it can only be obtained when you link to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and tell Farore a code that you can use on the main menu.

[edit] Items

There are many strange and unique items found in Oracle of Seasons, as well as some old classics (such as the Bombs and the Boomerang). This guide will give you a look at what each of these items do, and where they can be found.

  • Bombchu: Bombchus have the same purpose as bombs, but they will travel a little bit in a set direction before exploding.
  • Bomb: Bombs are used to attack enemies and blow up cracks in the wall.
  • Boomerang: Boomerangs are thrown at enemies to paralyze them, or hit switches, and then they return to you. You can also obtain the Magic Boomerang which you can steer.
  • Flute: The flutes are used to call your various animals that you obtain throughout the game.
  • Magnetic Gloves: The magnetic gloves are used to push and pull magentic objects away from or towards Link.
  • Power Bracelet: This will let Link lift pots and push larger objects.
  • Roc's Feather and Roc's Cape: Roc's feather and cape are fairly similar, but they have a small difference. Roc's feather allows you to jump high, but Roc's cape allows you to jump distances.
  • Rod of Seasons: This is the main weapon in the game other than the sword and it is used to control seasons. You must obtain each spirit separately from the Temple of Four Seasons.
  • Seed Satchel: This lets you carry various types of seeds, such as: Ember-Sets fires to small plants. Gale-Uses a Tornado to swoop Link to a seed tree. Mystery-Takes out enemies and lets you communicate with Owls. Pegasus-Link runs faster. Scent-Enemy Bait.
  • Shovel: This allows you to dig holes in things such as snow and dirt.
  • Slingshot: The slingshot shoots seeds at enemies. You can use any type of seed to attack with, but they all have different effects: Ember-Fire Damage and sets fire to torches or small plants. Gale-Tornado attacks enemies. Mystery-Takes place of one of the other seeds randomly. Pegasus-Freezes enemies with ice damage. Scent-Normal Damage You can also obtain the Hyper Slingshot to shoot 3 seeds at once!

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