Items & Equipment of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Throughout the game, Link discovers many items and weapons to aid him in his quest to save Hyrule. This section gives the name of the item, its uses, and the location you can find it.


[edit] Swords

There are four different swords in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

[edit] Kokiri Sword

The Kokiri Sword is the first sword you will obtain in the game. It is the weakest sword of all, but you need to obtain it in order to advance the first three dungeons on the game.

Where To Obtain It: When you go out of your house for the first time, jump and move to the west. Go up the small mountain (just where Navi crashed when she was going to see you), and keep going ahead until you see a smole hole. Go inside the hole, and you should see a big rolling rock. Skip the rolling rock until you reach a treasure chest. The treasure chest contains the Kokiri Sword.

Kokiri sword mini.jpg

[edit] Master Sword

The Master Sword is the sword that will destroy evil. It is the only sword that can seal Ganondorf away. It makes 2x more damage than the Kokiri sword.

Where To Obtain It: Once you get all the Spiritual Stones, head to the Temple Of Time. Zelda will gave you the Ocarina Of Time, and with that, you can play the Song Of Time in front of the altar inside The Temple of Time. Inside, you will find the Master Sword.

Master sword weapons and armor ocarina of time master quest mini.jpg

[edit] Giant's Knife

The Giant's Knife is stronger than the Master Sword, but it breakes after using it four times. You can buy it as many times as you want. If you prefer big swords ("Big" because they are so big, that Link uses them with both hands, so he doesn't use the shield when using one of these), you should try to get the Biggoron's Sword.

Where To Obtain It: Once you are Adult Link, go to Goron City. Go one floor below from the entrance, and go to the right. There is a big Goron on the first entrance who will sell you the sword for 200 ruppees.

Giants knife mini.jpg

[edit] Biggoron's Sword

The Biggoron's Sword is just another version of the Giant's Knife, with a small difference: It never breaks. This sword is one of the best alternatives to defeat enemies. Should you obtain this sword? That's up to you, since getting it is optional, you decide wether to get it or not. It does 4X damage, but you can't use a shield with it.

Where To Obtain It: Complete the Biggoron's Sword Trading Quest.

Biggorons sword mini.jpg

[edit] Shields

There are three different shields in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

[edit] Deku Shield

The Deku Shield is the first shield you will obtain in the game. It is the weakest shield of all, as it burns after catching fire. (can only be used by Young Link)

Where To Obtain It: You can purchase the Deku Shield in most shops. The shop in Kokiri Forest is where you first buy it.


[edit] Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield is the second shield in the game. It is larger than the Deku Shield, and it cannot be burnt by fire.

Where To Obtain It: Grave Chamber (Graveyard), Shop (Hyrule Market).


[edit] Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is the third and final shield in the game. It can reflect light and power, as well as most enemy attacks.

Where To Obtain It: As Adult Link, you will obtain the Mirror Shield in the Spirit Temple.


[edit] Tunics

[edit] Kokiri Tunic

The kokiri Tunic is the standard tunic of the game. It has no special use throughout the game. It is however a classic tunic, if you have played other Zelda titles, you see that Link always wears the Green Tunic.

Kokiri tunic mini.jpg

[edit] Goron Tunic

The Goron Tunic is the second tunic you can get in the game. It can protect you from intense heat in certain places of the game. Places like the Fire Temple and certain parts of Death Mountain can't be beat without it. Note that if a monster(Like Like) sucks you in while you are wearing it, you may lose the tunic, and you will have to buy it.

To get it, you have to be Adult link. Go to Goron's City, and go a few floors below until you see a rolling Goron. Stop him with a bomb and he will give you the tunic.

Goron tunic mini.jpg

[edit] Zora Tunic

The Zora Tunic is the last tunic you can get in the game. This Tunic is very interesting. It lets you breathe while you are underwater, so if you have that one, you can stay under the water with the Iron Boots for a long time. It is useful to collect rupees (With the Iron Boots) and is needed for the completion of the Water Temple, as well as the Forest Temple.

To get it, you need to be Adult Link. Go to see Zora's King, and use Blue Fire to unfreeze him. He will then give you the tunic.

Zora tunic mini.jpg

[edit] Boots

There are three pairs of boots in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

[edit] Kokiri Boots

The Kokiri Boots are the pair of boots you start off with. They are just a standard pair of boots.

Where To Obtain It: You start the game with them.


[edit] Iron Boots

The Iron Boots are extremely heavy, and because of this, you could walk underwater. (as long as you have your Zora Tunic equipped as well) However, don't use them on land, as they make Link walk VERY slow.

Where To Obtain It: You receive the Iron Boots at the Ice Cavern.


[edit] Hover Boots

The Hover Boots allow you to walk on air for a short time. They can be used to cross short gaps.

Where To Obtain It: You receive the Hover Boots in the Shadow Temple.


[edit] Spells

There are three spells in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

[edit] Din's Fire

Din's Fire is a spell that sets everything around Link on fire. It could be used to kill groups of enemies or to light many candles/torches. .

Where To Obtain It: You will recieve this spell from the Great Fairy, behind the boulder in front of Hyrule Castle.


[edit] Farore's Wind

Farore's Wind is a spell that allows you to warp between two places inside a dungeon. It can ONLY be used inside a dungeon.

Where To Obtain It: You will receive this spell from the Great Fairy, behind the boulder in the back of Zora's Fountain in Zora's Domain.


[edit] Nayru's Love

Nayru's Love is a spell that protects Link from all damage for one minute.

Where To Obtain It: You will receive this spell from the Great Fairy, in the crack in the wall, in Desert Colossus.


[edit] Other Items

Here are the rest of the items in the game:

[edit] Arrows


Use: Ammo for the Fairy Bow.

Where: Can be found in grasses, after killing enemies etc.

[edit] Bomb


Use: Can be used to blow up walls etc.

Where: Can be bought at shops, found in grasses etc.

[edit] Bomb Bag


Use: Needed to carry bombs/bombchus, can be upgraded to carry more bombs.

Where: Dodongo Cavern, Goron City (Rolling Goron) past,Bombchu Bowling

[edit] Bombchu


Use: A moving bomb that blows up after a set time, or if it hits something.

Where: Can be bought at shops/Bombchu bowling

[edit] Boomerang


Use: Can be used to stun/attack enemies etc.

Where: Jabu Jabu's Belly

[edit] Bottles


Use: Holds bugs, potions, fairies etc.

Where: Lon Lon Ranch (Present), Woman with Chickens (Kakariko Village, Present), King Zora (Present), Big Poe Man (Hyrule Market, Future)

[edit] Bullet Bag


Use: Holds deku seeds, come in various sizes.

Where: Shooting Game (Present, Hyrule Market), Deku Scrub Target Practice (Present, Kokiri Forest)

[edit] Deku Nut


Use: Stuns nearby enemies when used.

Where: Can be found in grasses, after killing enemies etc.

[edit] Deku Seeds


Use: Ammo for Fairy Slingshot.

Where: Found in grass, after killing enemies, bought in shops etc.

[edit] Deku Stick


Use: Is used to set objects on fire after being set on fire itself. Can only be used as Young Link.

Where: Can be found after killing enemies, in grass etc

[edit] Fairy Bow


Use: An adult version of the Fairy Slingshot.

Where: Forest Temple

[edit] Fairy Ocarina


Use: Plays Songs of various uses.

Where: Saria, outside Kokiri Forest.

[edit] Fairy Slingshot


Use: Used to shoot deku seeds.

Where: Inside the Deku Tree

[edit] Fire Arrows


Use: Arrows with fire at the tip. Used in the same way as arrows.

Where: Lake Hylia (Adult), stand on stone square and fire an arrow into the rising sun.

[edit] Golden Gauntlets


Use: More powerful version of Silver Gauntlets.

Where: Ganon's Castle

[edit] Golden Scale


Use: A better version of the Silver Scale. Lets you dive underwater farther.

Where: Fishing Game (Future)

[edit] Goron's Bracelet


Use: Allows you to pick up bomb flowers as Young Link.

Where: Goron City (Big brother Darunia, play Saria�s Song

[edit] Heart Containers


Use: Increases max health by one heart.

Where: Appears after boss battles.

[edit] Heart Pieces


Use: Collect four to add one heart to your max health.

Where: Various locations. See Heart Piece Guide.

[edit] Hearts


Use: Replenishes one health heart.

Where: Can be found after killing enemies etc.

[edit] Hookshot


Use: A grappling device that pulls you to whatever it hits, if it can grapple on to it.

Where: Race Dampe�s ghost (Future, Graveyard)

[edit] Ice Arrows


Use: The same as fire arrows but freeze what they touch.

Where: Gerudo Training Grounds

[edit] Lens of Truth


Use: Reveals hidden doors, traps, enemies, exec�

Where: Bottom of the well (Present)

[edit] Light Arrows


Use: Used to break the Elemental seals and kill Ganondorf

Where: After the Spirit Temple Sheik gives them to you in the Temple of Time.

[edit] Longshot


Use: A longer version of the hookshot.

Where: Water Temple.

[edit] Magic Beans


Use: When planted in soft soil in the present, a floating platform plant will grow there for the future.

Where: Bean salesman (Zora�s River).

[edit] Magic Jars


Use: Replenishes your magic meter.

Where: Found in grass, after killing enemies, bought in shops etc.

[edit] Megaton Hammer


Use: A giant hammer used to break rocks or fight enemies.

Where: Fire Temple

[edit] Ocarina of Time


Use: Same as the Fairy Ocarina, needed to get the Master Sword.

Where: The mote outside Hyrule Castle after collecting the three Spiritual Stones.

[edit] Silver Gauntlets


Use: Increase your strength as Adult Link.

Where: Spirit Temple (Present)

[edit] Silver Scale


Use: Lets you dive deeper underwater.

Where: Zora's Domain (Present, diving game)

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