Items & Equipment of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

To pick grab items from their pedestals, simply press the A button. This also works when swapping a held item with an item on a pedestal.

Press the A button to light a Bomb. Press the button again to throw the Bomb, and a third time to detonate it. Bombs can be used to damage enemies, with most of the lesser monsters taking only one hit to defeat, as well as to blast open cracked walls.

The Boomerang's primary function is to hit distant objects, making it an ideal weapon for bashing far-off foes. However, the weapon has another nifty feature, in that it can also be used to grab distant objects, such as Rupees and Arrows, and bring them back to Link.

Useful for hitting enemies, objects, and switches from a distance. The Bow can also fire a charged shot, by having the player hold down the A button for a few seconds before releasing.

This frisky companion attacks all nearby enemies and players. Be sure to tuck him away by pressing A, before you take on cooperative challenges.

Pressing the A button while wearing this magical hat shrinks Link down to the size of a gnat! Only gnat-sized players can use certain platforms and doors.

Each time the player presses A the gloves' polarity changes. These handy gloves can be used to pull or push Link away from nearby magnetic blocks, as well as to attract other players.

These shoes allow Link to perform an extra fast dashing attack. They can also be helpful for running up steep inclines.

The Roc's Cape lets Link jump across gaps. Holding down the A button will allow him to glide for a brief period of time, allowing him to cross wider chasms.

Each player starts with a Shield. It can be used to deflect most projectiles, and some enemies cannot be defeated without it.

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