During a caertain time, Ingo was the only worker in Lon Lon Ranch, though while he works at the ranch, he often complains about hos boss Talon who does nothing to help him as Talon spends most of his time either sleeping or training Cuccoos. As Ganondorf became the ruler of Hyrule, he oversaw Lon Lon Ranch, with Ingo's hard working methods in the ranch, Ganondorf made Ingo the new owner. As being the new owner of the Ranch, Ingo turned mean, and nasty. He also dedicated himself to Ganondorf as he will groom some of Hyrule's finest horses and present them to Ganondorf himself. But, the people of Hyrule (mostly Kakariko Villiage) were spreading rumors that Ingo cheated out of his ranch, and Ingo will do anything to prove them wrong. Malon (who remained at the ranch while her father was let go) was also put to work for Ingo, because ingo warns her if she is does not work hard, he will treat the horses very badly as a result for her insobordination. But as Link returned to the ranch 7 years later, he met with Ingo who (in a nice way) taught Link on how to ride a horse, by playing Epona's Song, Link went on to ride on Epona. Then, Ingo wanted to race Link to see how good he really was. Link won the first race, Ingo decreed that if Link won against him again, he can have Epona. Link wins again, and Ingo was about to face total humiliation as he was going to present Epona to Ganondorf, he then locked Link inside the ranch, but Link while riding Epona, jumed over the outer fence of the ranch and escaped successfully into Hyrule Field.

[edit] Anecdotes

Ingo (like Talon) has some references from previous Nintendo games. Ingo cosmetically looks like Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Ingo is skinnier than Talon (just like Luigi is skinnier than Mario) and his outfit is white with green sleeves (the original colors of Luigi from the very first Super Mario bros. where Luigi had a white, hat green shirt and white overalls). Ingo is also has a sour relationship with Talon (Just like how Luigi is sometimes jealous of Mario for having the video game spot light all the time).

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