Official Artwork for Impa from Skyward Sword
Title(s) Servant of the Goddess
Race Sheikah
Debut Appearance Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Impa is a character that appears in several Zelda games. She always appear as one sent to work for/under either the Royal Family or Princess Zelda. Impa was born into the Sheikah tribe, a group of strange ninja-esque characters. She is called Servant of the Goddess.


[edit] Appearances

Impa has appeared in many games, with her first game being Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on the NES, as the caretaker to the Royal Family. From there, she has appeared in many roles, almost always as a guardian to someone related to the Royal Family, or someone connected to the legacy of Hyrule.

[edit] The Adventure of Link

Impa in Zelda II

Impa is the Royal Family's caretaker and the one who revealed to Link his true destiny upon seeing the Triforce on Link's hand. She instructed him to travel to six different places throughout Hyrule and eventually to the Great Palace in order to awaken Zelda and restore peace to Hyrule. This is her first appearance, and it introduces her as a staple character throughout the series, and the guardian of the Royal Family. She is seen as a character without a main part, but one who is very influential to the story. This is very important to future character development.

[edit] Ocarina of Time

Impa as seen in OoT

Impa is a Sheikah warrior and the hero of Kakariko Village. Before she took on her duties as Zelda's caretaker, she uses her powerful magic to seal the evil shadow monster Bongo Bongo underneath the well of the village. As she takes on her duties to care for Zelda, Impa seems like the only person to believe in Zelda's plight about Ganondorf taking over Hyrule. As Link sneeks into the castle by bypassing the guards, and listens to Zelda's story, Impa appears before Link and instead of being upset with him intruding the castle and his encounter with Zelda, she helps the would-be -hero by teaching him the song that is only supposed to be passed onto the Hyrulian Royal family Zelda's Lullaby, she then helped Link out of the castle without alarming the guards and tells him that the song will help him in his quest for the Spritual Stones. Several days later (as Link obtains the other Spiritual Stones of both Fire and Water) Ganondorf suddenly attacked Hyrule Castle, Impa was able to escape with Zelda unharmed. But as Ganondorf obtained the Triforce from the Sacred Realm as Link pulled the Master Sword from the pedistal of time and with Link discovering his time traveling abilities which involed in his quest to find the Lens of Truth, Bongo Bongo was able to regain his power and break Impa's seal. As Bongo bongo ravaged Kakariko Village, Impa went to the Shadow Temple to seal Bongo Bongo again. Then, Sheik informed Link that Impa is the Temple's sage and needs help. After learning the Nocturne of Shadow, Link ventures to the Shadow Temple and defeats Bongo Bongo. With that Impa re-awakens as a sage and adds her magic to Link to help him in his quest to defeat Ganondorf.

[edit] Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

Impa as seen in the Oracle series

In the Gameboy Color games Impa was the guardian of either Din or Nayru depending on the game. Although she doesn't help much in Oracle of Seasons, she gives you the Wooden Sword in Oracle of Ages. (Unless you used special passwords but that is a different story.)

Zelda's caretaker, Impa is the first to be possessed by Veran. She tricks Link into moving the Trifoce Barrier that was previously blocking her entrance into Nayru's grove. Once there, she leaves Impa's body and possesses Nayru. Impa remains in the game in a house near the area where the game started, and offers helpful advice in certain times throughout the game.

[edit] Skyward Sword

Later in the game, it is revealed that the Servant's name is Impa, whose purpose is to protect and reawaken the goddess Hylia, who was reincarnated as Zelda.

Throughout the events of the game, Impa guides Zelda through the Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano, and Lanayru Desert to purify Zelda's body and return Hylia's memory. This was crucial in helping Link realize his purpose as the Hero of Legend, claim the Triforce, and put an end to Demise. Thus, Impa's role in Skyward Sword is just as integral as Zelda's and Link's are.

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