Hover Boots

Hover Boots
Type Boots
Location Shadow Temple
Appearance(s) Ocarina of Time

The Hover Boots are a piece of clothing (subtype: boots) in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They allow the wearer to walk on air and water for a short time without falling. However, they have very little traction.

[edit] Location

The Hover Boots are found in the Shadow Temple in Kakariko Village. They appear in a chest after Link defeats an enemy known as a Dead Hand. Because of this, they are used very often in this temple, as well as others.

[edit] Usage

The Hover Boots are not used as much as the Kokiri Boots, but they are used more than the Iron Boots. The Shadow and Spirit Temples cannot be completed without using them, and there are various rooms in Ganon's Castle that cannot be passed until the Hover Boots are used.

The first time they are truly used is in the Shadow Temple, where Link uses them to cross a large gap that is across the way from a giant statue. They are obtained long before this however.

[edit] Trivia

  • If a glitch is used to access the Shadow Temple early, the Water Temple can be completed with very little hassle using the Hover Boots. However, the player will not get the Longshot unless they go after it themselves.

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