Great Fairy

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Ocarina of Time

Great Fairy

In Ocarina of Time, the Great Fairies are magical female beings that enchant Link with new powers throughout the game. They reside in underground fountains, and require Zelda's Lullaby to be played to appear as proof of loyalty to the royal family. There are 6 in Hyrule and they are all hidden somehow. They also refill Link's life gauge and magic meter upon visits.

[edit] Majora's Mask

Great Fairies in Majora's Mask are identical to those in Ocarina of Time. In Majora's Mask there are four Great Fairies across the land that have had their powers stolen by Majora's Mask. If the player gathers fiveteen stray faires from the nearby temple and gives them to the Great Fairy, she will give Link a upgrade. If the player collects all the stray fairies from the Stone Tower Temple, the Great Fairy will give Link the Great Fairy's Sword.

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