Great Fairies of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Great Fairies are located on little islands all over the Great Sea. All the fairies are helpful and give you special bonuses.


[edit] Mother & Child Isles

This is the location of the Queen fairy. Warp to the Mother and Child Isles using the Ballad of Gales (It will be located on your map for sure). She will give you Ice arrows and Fire Arrows. You need to come to the Queen Fairy and get these arrows before attempting to get the equipment to access the Earth and Wind Temple.

[edit] Southern Fairy Island

(Grid F4)
You need bombs to get to this fairy. Just stick one next to the planks blocking the entrance and you're in. This Fairy will give you a bomb upgrade. The first upgrade allows you to
carry 60 bombs, while a second one later on allows you to carry 99.

[edit] Eastern Fairy Island

(Grid C5)
Once again, all you need is a bomb to get to this one, so put one in front of the rock guarding the entrance. This Fairy will give you the second bomb upgrade. This upgrade allows you to carry 99 bombs.

[edit] Western Fairy Island

(Grid C1)
This time, to see the fairy, you need the skull hammer. Get it and use it to hit the switch on the island. This will cause the fire blocking you from the entrance to disappear.
This Fairy will give you the ability to carry up to 60 arrows.

[edit] Thorned Fairy Island

(Grid D7)
You will need the Skull hammer again to get to this Fairy. Use the Skull hammer to smash the three switches on the island to make the plants guarding the entrance go away. This Fairy will give you an arrow upgrade, which will let you carry up to 99 arrows when combined with the upgrade on Northern Fairy Island.

[edit] Northern Fairy Island

Go to Northern Island (A3) and just go through the entrance (nothing's stopping you). This Great Fairy allows you to carry more rupees, as the upgrade allows you to carry up to 1000 rupees. The is one more upgrade later on, which allows you to get up to 5000 rupees.

[edit] Outset Island

(Grid G2)
Go up the Outset island mountain path and to the bridge you crossed at the start of the game to find Tetra. Now the bridge has completely broken and you can't cross it. Go up the small path next to the bridge where some rocks are and climb up onto the rock nearest to the bridge. Play the Wind's Requiem to make the wind blow west, equip your Deku Leaf and jump off the rock and glide with the leaf to the other side. Enter the mini-forest and find the Fairy Fountain which is blocked by a giant rock (look for the rock). Blow it up with a bomb and drop into the hole. This fairy allows you to carry up to 1000 rupees.

[edit] Two-Eye Reef

(Grid G4)
Go to the southwest of Two-Eye Reef and you will see a group of seagulls flying around. Go up to them and a Giant Squid will appear from the water. Get the bomb cannon and hit it in it's many eyes with the bomb.
Once you get all of its eyes it will be defeated and a Great Fairy will appear and double your magic bar.

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