Great Bay

The Great Bay is an area of Termina in Majora's Mask.

[edit] Before the Three Day Cycle

Great Bay is home to the Zora and Gerudo races. Before the three day cycle, a Zora girl called Lulu laid seven Zora eggs, but they were stolen by the Gerudo. Mikau, a Zora went to go get them from the Gerudo but failed. The Great Bay Temple also resides in this area and is cursed by Gyorg.

[edit] Three Day Cycle

During the three day cycle when Link enters Great Bay with Epona, he will find Mikau washed up in the sea near shore, Link will then push him to shore and Mikau says he is dieing, once the player plays the Song of Healing for Mikau you will receive the Zora Mask. Once he enters the Pirate Fortress he can find the Hookshot and collect four Zora eggs. He will also need to take a picture of one of the pirates. Once the player has done that he can dump the eggs in the lab, before freeing the seahorse and find the other three at Pinnacle Rock. Once he has all seven Link will learn the New Wave Bossa Nova song.

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