Gorons as seen in Ocarina of Time
Gorons as seen in Twilight Princess
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Gorons are very large and powerful creatures who usually reside on Death Mountain. They prefer warm or hot temperatures, and have built up a resistance to fire and lava. Some Gorons are known to be very skilled craftsmen, making things like Bomb Bags or Swords for Link.

[edit] Ocarina of Time

Their diet consists mainly of rocks, but as seen in Ocarina of Time, they won't eat just any rocks. They prefer the rocks from within the Dodongo's Cavern, but when it becomes overrun with huge Dodongos and is blocked off by a large rock, the Gorons start to starve. When young Link comes to the Gorons in search of the Goron's Ruby, the Goron's leader, Darunia, agrees to give it to him if he can clear out the cavern. He must acquire the Goron's Bracelet and use it to pick a Bomb from a Bomb Flower and throw it off of a cliff onto the rock that blocks the cavern. Then, he has to make it through the Dungeon and defeat King Dodongo.

[edit] Twilight Princess

Gorons have the ability to curl up into balls and roll around, and in Twilight Princess, will use this talent to launch fellow 'brothers' up to higher places, by opening up very rapidly when someone is on their back. One day, their current leader, Darbus, finds a Fused Shadow, and he is turned a hideous lava beast named Fyrus. The Goron Elders had no choice but to lock him deep inside the Goron Mines. Due to the pride of the Goron tribe, they do not accept any help, and instead cut off communication from the outside world, causing much tension in Kakariko Village. To climb up to the top of Death Mountain to get the Fused Shadow and help the Goron tribe, he must speak to Renado, the priest of Kakariko Village. He tells Link to go see Bo, an old friend of his who was able to defeat the Gorons, and is coincidentally the mayor of Link's hometown, Ordon Village. He goes to see him, and he teaches Link how to sumo wrestle. He also gives Link the Iron Boots, which will make him heavy enough to fight the Gorons, who enjoy testing each other's strength with sumo wrestling contests. He climbs up Death Mountain, tossing the Goron guards aside, and speaks to Gor Coron, a Goron Elder. He challenges Link to a sumo wrestling contest, and when he wins, the Gorons decide to accept his help. Once he has stripped Darbus from the power of the Fused Shadow, the Gorons apologize for their ignorance and come to Kakariko to help out the villagers.

[edit] The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, only three Gorons appear in the entire game. They are very mysterious traveling merchants who claim to have come from a far away land. You must trade items between the three Gorons to help Zunari stock his shop.

(Gorons have also appeared in Majora's Mask with Darmani as their leader. And in some of the gameboy games. (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons)

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