Official Artwork for Ghirahim
Title Demon Lord
Race Demon
Gender Male
Debut Appearance Skyward Sword
Ghirahim (Pronounced /gɪər rɑː ˈhiːm/, geer-rah-HEEM) is a primary antagonist in Skyward Sword. At the beginning of the game he is the ruler of the land below Skyloft, Hyrule. He thinks highly of himself, preferring to be called "Lord Ghirahim".

During the events of Skyward Sword, he summons a tornado to suck down Zelda, but Link gets caught up in the storm. However, his objective fails due to the Servant of the Goddess capturing her first. Ghirahim's primary objective seems to be the capture of her.


[edit] Skyward Sword

Ghirahim as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

[edit] Skyview Temple

During the first temple, Skyview Temple, you first encounter Ghirahim as the temple's boss. Link will walk in on him trying to reach Zelda who is bathing in the Spring's water to purify herself. Ghirahim will express confidence in himself and degrade you and your combat skills, provoking Link to unsheathe his sword. Ghirahim laughs when Link does this and tells Link that his life does not matter - it's Zelda's life that matters, now, and she's right outside the door. He sympathizes with Link, saying that he should have had her if the Goddess hadn't have intervened, anyway. This interference angered Ghirahim and he tells Link that he'll try not to vent his anger out on Link, though he'll beat Link until an inch of life.

To this Ghirahim taunts Link and forces the player to demonstrate different and/or unique strikes to knock Ghirahim off balance. If the player strikes with a familiar strike, Ghirahim will block the attack with his right hand. Striking away from this hand will increase the chances of a successful hit.

When inflicting a sufficient amount of damage, Ghirahim will summon his blade to attack you. Ghirahim will attack using three different moves: projecting daggers at you, running and slicing at you and teleporting and slicing you. The two former methods can be blocked using a shield, an essential item to defeat Ghirahim during this fight. The latter method of attack gives Link mere seconds to see Ghirahim's stance and perform a strike that won't be blocked by Ghirahim's blade. If Link does not land a blow on Ghirahim during this or successfully blocks his running slash, you will lose a heart.

Upon defeating Ghirahim, he will admit that you're stronger and wiser than he previously thought. He will note that Zelda is no longer in the vicinity and that his presence because of this is no longer required, thus leaving Link alone in the temple.

[edit] Earth Temple

Link will not encounter Ghirahim until reaching the Boss of the Earth Temple, Scaldera, a rolling ball of fire. Ghirahim will scorn at the Goddess' Servant's, Impa's, hastiness to save Zelda. He describes his joy when he discovered his minions had Zelda in their possession and then his pain when discovering she escaped. He summons Scaldera, expecting you to burn in flames.

[edit] Temple of Time

[edit] Fire Sanctuary

Ghirahim is also the boss for the Fire Sanctuary, and his fighting style is similar to tha of his appearance in Skyview Temple, although he is stronger this time. He protects his hand with up to 4 of his magic projectiles to make him difficult to strike. After receiving a considerable amount of damage, he summons two swords instead of one. This time, he can either surround you with projectiles that you must roll away from, or send them flying to you in waves of three. His teleporting ability doesn't take him behind Link this time, instead he comes from above to stab you downward. The only way to dodge this is by dashing away.

[edit] Sealed Grounds

[edit] Trivia

  • His right ear is pointed whereas his left is rounded.
  • His earring is variant of the Crystal Switch and is the same shape.
  • He is completely immune to Skyward Strikes.

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