Forest Temple

Artwork of the entrance to the Forest Temple

[edit] Background

The Forest Temple is the first temple Link must venture into on his quest to awaken the six Sages of Hyrule. In order to reach the Boss's chamber, Link must first defeat the four Poe Sisters; Joelle, Beth, Amy, and Meg. After defeating them, Link is able to take the dumbwaiter down into the basement level of the dungeon. It is in the basement that he faces off against the dungeon master - Phantom Ganon.

[edit] Dungeon Boss

Phantom Ganon is a spirit from another world that Ganon resurrects to guard the Forest Temple. The first portion of the battle is fairly straightforward, stand in the center of the room and shoot an arrow at him as soon as he emerges from the painting. After three hits with the bow, Phantom Ganon ditches his phantom steed and begins to hover around the arena. He will continue to launch powerful energy blasts at Link, and it's your job to send them back at him with a well-timed swing of your Master Sword. When Phantom Ganon falls to the ground, rush up and hack away at him. It takes roughly a dozen slashes to send the phantom back to the other side.

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