Fire Temple

Artwork of the first room of the Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is a dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that is usually completed as the second dungeon as Adult Link, but can be completed as the third as well. It is situated in the interior of Death Mountain Crater, making the use of the Goron Tunic required to even get to entrance to the temple. Link goes to the temple to rescue gorons that were imprisioned and save them from Volvagia, a goron-eating dragon killed a long time ago by the Goron Hero with the help of a legendary hammer, the Megaton Hammer. Link must free gorons from their cells to even progress through the temple, as there is a key in each cell. Link finds the Megaton Hammer in the highest portion of the temple and uses it to press rusty switches, remove obstacles and knock down pillars. It is also a key item to beating Volvagia himself. After destroying the dragon, Link releases Darunia, the goron patriarch and Sage of Fire, which will give him the Fire Medallion so Link can continue his quest.

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