Official Artwork of Fi
Gender Genderless
Debut Appearance Skyward Sword
Alias' Goddess Sword
Fi is a primary protagonist in the game Skyward Sword and is the humanoid manifestation of the Goddess Sword. Fi is the spiritu of the sword and guides Link through the events of Skyward Sword, serving as his companion throughout the game. She is often compared to Midna in such a role.

[edit] History and Abilties

The Goddess Sword is located on the floating island of Skyloft. Link finds the swords and uses it to traverse from Skyloft to Hyrule and vice versa. When the Goddess Sword is aiding link it will manifest itself into the form of Fi even when Link is moving from Skyloft from the land below. Fi also has the ability to search for hidden treasure known as Dowsing in which it can search for items that may be of importance to link to help him further his journey as well as providing information on them. Fi one of the main reasons why a blanket of clouds separates the land of Skyloft from the land below. Much like Navi and Tatl, Fi has the ability to scan enemies and give Link information on them.

By pushing the bottom d-pad, Link is able to ask Fi for assistance in his journey. Fi will provide information or clues on the current task on hand or display your play time during your current play and also your entire play.

[edit] Gender

Eiji Aonuma has said in an interview that even though Fi has a feminine appearance and figure, he does not see it as such. For the time being Fi has been categorised as a genderless character.

[edit] Trivia

  • Fi has an appearance much like that of the Fairy Queen from Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventure. If there is a reason for this it is currently unknown.
  • Much like Midna in Twilight Princess, Fi speaks in a gibberish language. Her voice also seems to be very robotic, mono tonal and emotionless, and synthesised.
  • Fi referes to Link as "Master".

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