Fado (Twilight Princess)

Fado runs the goat ranch in Ordon Village, and employs Link as the goat herder. At the beginning of Twilight Princess, you must herd 10 goats into the barn riding on the back of Epona. The second time you do this, you must herd 20 goats, and he will give you a Piece of Heart for your troubles [See here for a full guide]. You may continue herding goats in groups of 20, but you will receive no additional rewards.

His house in Ordon Village is across from Sera's Sundries, near the main entrance, and is always locked during the game. Above it, is a ladder leading up to a bee's nest, from which you can obtain Bee Larva from. You can either use a projectile, or call a hawk with the Hawk Grass on a vine-covered ledge, by the water.

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