Ezlo is a Minish character currently exclusive to The Minish Cap. Near the start of Link’s quest he stumbles upon a strange, talking hat that goes by the name of Ezlo. He is a somewhat cranky character, who has little patience for Link’s simple mind but feels that the courage the boy has within his heart is the key to saving Hyrule. Ezlo acts as Link's guide throughout the game, often telling him where to go or what is needed to do to progress. Despite his severe attitude problems, Ezlo is very wise and cunning, and is an invaluable helper to Link.

Before becoming a hat, he was a Minish himself and an excellent craftsmen. He was turned into this form by Vaati, the main antagonist who steals the Magic Cap created by Ezlo for his own evil intentions. Vaati was Ezlo's apprentice as another Minish.

In the end, Ezlo is transformed back into his original form and returns home. Before he leaves, though, he gives Link a cap similar to the one he was.

Ezlo as a Minish before being cursed.

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