Enemies of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Here is a list of the enemies found in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Also included is where they are found (represented by the colored squares) and how many experience points they give:

Desert.png Desert - The high winds in this area will blow small rocks around.
Cave.png Cave - A dark place filled with gaps and steps.
Palace.png Palace - This area has new magic, raised platforms and is a complex maze.
Plains.png Plains - Flat with no obstacles. Hosts very easy enemies and is easy to escape from.
Grave.png Graveyard - Area is on a slight hill.
Swamp.png Swamp - A very muddy area that will slow you down.
Forest.png Forest - Covered in trees, this area hosts enemies that will attack from the ground and trees.
Greatpalace.png Great Palace - Your final destination, this area has the most challenging enemies.


[edit] Enemies

[edit] Ache

Area(s): Forest.pngCave.png Experience: 2, 10 (red Ache's)
These bats hang out in caves and trees. The red ones will turn into gargoyle creatures that spit fire.

[edit] Bago Bago

Area(s): Palace.pngCave.png Experience: 3
These bats hang out in caves and trees. The red ones will turn into gargoyle creatures that spit fire.

[edit] Basilisk

Area(s): Plains.pngCave.png Experience: 50
This dinosaur-like creature will throw rocks at Link and has a weakness to fire.

[edit] Bit & Bot

Area(s): Plains.pngPalace.pngCave.pngDesert.png Experience: 2
These jelly-things are about as weak as they get. Bot's can jump while Bit's can't.

[edit] Daira

Area(s): Plains.pngPalace.pngCave.pngGrave.png Experience: 2
An aligator soldier that will continuously swing an axe at Link.

[edit] Deeler

Area(s): Forest.png Experience: 2, 10 (blue)
These spiders will drop down from tress to attack on a web. The blue Deeler's will hop down to attack also.

[edit] Diggers

Area(s): Desert.png Experience: 5
These guys will come up from the ground to chase Link and then bury themselves again.

[edit] Eye

Area(s): Grave.png Experience: 20
One of the most annoying enemies in the game. These enemies will take not only large amounts of life away from Link upon contact but experience points as well. They are only vulnerable when their eye is exposed.

[edit] Fire Dropper

Area(s): Palace.pngCave.png Experience: 200
These mages will appear long enough for you to perform two downward thrusts on them. Then they will disappear, leaving drops of fire.

[edit] Flying Statue

Area(s): Palace.png Experience: 20
The statues can be found flying over bridges and will take away experience points by spitting rocks at you.

[edit] Geldarm

Area(s): Desert.png Experience: 5
Geldarm can only be killed by attacking the head.

[edit] Goriya

Area(s): Plains.pngCave.png Experience: 30
Make sure that you block the Goriya's boomerang with your shield.

[edit] Phantom

Area(s): Palace.png Experience: 100
Defeat the Phantom's by using the Reflect Spell against their magic.

[edit] Skull

Area(s): Palace.png Experience: 50
These guys will just float there, not going after Link. If touched, they will take away a good chunk of life and magic at lower levels and take around 50 stabs at level 1 to kill.

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