Enemies of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Here is a list of the enemies you will encounter in this game:


[edit] Anubis

Description: A floating monster that looks like and Egyptian god. It will mirror your movements around the room and spit fire at you.

Location: Spirit Temple

Strategy: Anubis is weak against fire, use Din's fire or Fire arrows to kill them. If you have neither, there should be a switch in the room which will activate a flame in the room. Lure the Anubis to the fire area, then activate the fire switch.

[edit] Armos Statue

Description: Stone statues holding a sword and shield. Some are inanimate, while others attack you.

Location: Dodongo Cavern, Forest Temple, Spirit Temple

Strategy: Attacking Armos will begin to hop towards when you run into them or slash them with your sword.
To defeat them as young Link, activate them, then hit them with a bomb while they are still moving. They will turn red, spin, and explode.
To defeat them as older Link, simply hit them with your sword until they spin and explode.

[edit] Baby Dodongo

Description: Small, explosive dragons that burrow in the ground.

Location: Dodongo Cavern

Strategy: Baby Dodongo will leap at you when you are within range, lash them with your sword, and they will fall to the ground and explode in a few seconds. (Hint: You can use Baby Dodongo as a make-shift bomb, lure it to the place you want to blow up, then slash it.)

[edit] Bari

Description: A larger version of the Biri jellyfish. It hides on the ceiling and falls as you approach it, and will electrocute you on contact.

Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Strategy: Bari cannot be destroyed by your sword, you must L target, then throw your boomerang.

[edit] Barinade

Description: An electrical parasite causing the trouble in Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Beamos

Description: Large statues with a red I that revolves on top of its base.
Location: Dodongo Cavern, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Tower
Strategy: When a Beamos sees you, it will shoot a powerful blue laser at you. Destroy it by hitting it with bombs.

[edit] Big Moblin

Description: A Moblin that carries a mace instead of a spear.
Location: Sacred Forest Meadow
Strategy: A shockwave of energy travels along the ground after the Big Moblin uses his mace. Sidestep to the left or right to avoid the shockwave, and work your way around behind the monster. Then finish it off with your sword.

[edit] Big Octo

Description: A giant Octopus, Big Octo is the sub-boss in Jabu-Jabu�s Belly.
Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Strategy: Big Octo slides around the room along the circular path, stun it with your boomerang, then slash the glowing area on its back. (Note: You must stun it while its back is facing you to be able to slash the glowing area. Try stunning it as it approaches you, then throwing your boomerang again as it becomes unfrozen. Repeat until it freezes with its back towards you, then attack with your sword.)

[edit] Big Poe

Description: Large ghost that haunt Hyrule field. Capture them and give them to the ghost shop keeper in future Hyrule Castle Town. Capture them all to obtain an empty jar.
Location: Various locations on Hyrule field.
Strategy: You can only find Big Poes while on horseback, so when you find one, use arrows to kill them before they disappear. Refer elsewhere for exact information on this side quest.

[edit] Biri

Description: The electrified jellyfish that float around in Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Strategy: Lock on using L targeting and throw your boomerang.

[edit] Blue Bubbles

Description: Floating skulls covered in blue flames.

Location: Forest Temple

Strategy: The Blue Bubble will fly toward you, block it with your shield, and its flames will extinguish. It falls to the ground and bounces around, chase it down and slash it with your sword. The hookshot and Duku Nuts will paralyze it, making it an easy target. Arrows are also effective.

[edit] Blue Tektite

Description: A one eyed monster that jumps around, usually on or around water.

Location: Lake Hylia, Water Temple, Zora's Domain

Strategy: Slash or shoot it�s eye, a couple of hits should kill it. . You can also stun it with the Hookshot, Duku Nuts, or the Boomerang.

[edit] Bongo Bongo

Description: A shadow monster once sealed in the Bottom of the Well.

Location: Shadow Temple

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Business Shrub

Description: A plant race. They live in flowers on the ground, and spit Duku Nuts at anyone in their range.

Location: Many areas of Hyrule

Strategy: When the Deku Shrub spits a Duku Nut at you, reflect it with the Duku Sheild (Child) or the Hylian Shield (Adult). If you hit the shrub, it will come completely out of its hole. Go talk to it, and it will offer to sell you something in return for its life.

[edit] Cucco

Description: An average chicken. Harmless alone, but deadly in a group.

Location: Gerudo Valley, Lon Lon Ranch, Kakariko Village

Stratagy: While cuccos may be peaceful most of the time, hit one enough with your sword, and it will call in the calvery. You will be swarmed by cuccos and peaked until you enter a new area, like go into a building, or die.

[edit] Dark Link

Description: An evil version of Link, with red eyes and a dark metallic body. He is the mini boss of the Water Temple.

Location: Water Temple

Strategy: Dark Link will block any regular sword attack with his own sword attack, and will block your other weapons with his shield. He can also stand on the end of your sword, leaving you open for attack. Try to fight Dark Link without locking on, so you can get behind his guard. You can also use Din's fire to do good damage without Dark Link being able to block it. The Megaton Hammer or Big Goron sword are also very effective against this monster.

[edit] Dead Hand

Description: A giant monster with many arms. These arms stick out of the ground. When one grabs Link, the body will immerge and attack Link.

Location: Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple.

Strategy: Bring the body into the open by getting grabbed by an arm. Escape the arm�s grasp, then charge a sword spin. When the monster lowers its head, unleash the sword spin to deal damage. The monster will disappear. Repeat until the monster is dead.

[edit] Dodongo

Description: Large, fire breathing dragons with only two legs.

Location: Dodongo Cavern

Strategy: When the Dodongo prepares to use a fire attack, circle around behind it and slash its tail with your sword. Watch out, because once you slash it, it will swing its tail around fast, and can cause you a great deal of damage. Bombs are also effective. (Note: Remember your Duku Shield is made of wood, and will burn if you are hit with the Dodongo�s flame attack.

[edit] Deku Baba

Description: Plant monsters. There are three main types of Duku Babas. They come in regular, big, and wilted varieties.

Location: Inside the Deku Tree, Forest Temple, Kokiri Village

Strategy: Wilted Deku Babas will stand straight up and spin around slightly. Touching them will hurt you. Slash them with your sword to kill them and obtain a Duku Stick. Wilted Duku Babas will regenerate after a short time, so be careful.
Regular Deku Babas will stretch out their heads in an attempt to attack you, block their attack with your shield then slash with your sword. If you hit them in the head, they will stand straight up for a few seconds, allowing you to cut their stem and obtain a Deku Stick. If you kill them while they are not stunted, they will give you Deku Nuts.
Big Duku Babas are the same as the regular Duku Babas, but much bigger.

[edit] Deku Shrub

Description: A Deku Shrub with red or green leaves. They don't sell you stuff when you defeat them.

Location: Inside the Deku Tree, Sacred Forest Meadow, Korkiri Village.

Strategy: Reflect the Duku Nuts these Shurbs spit with your shield. This will knock them out of their flower, making them run around wildly. Attack with your sword or other weapon before it returns to its flower.

[edit] Fake Door

Description: A monster that looks like a door. It will fall on you if you try to open it.

Location: Fire Temple

Strategy: If you slash a fake door with your sword, it will wiggle before it falls. When you find a fake door, leave a bomb in front of it to kill it and move on.

[edit] Flare Dancer

Description: Mini-boss in the fire temple. A black head creates fiery limbs and dances around the room.

Location: Fire Temple

Strategy: Use the hookshot to pull the black head away from it fire body. The fire body will disappear, and the head will run around the platform in the middle. Attack it with your sword until it returns to the flame and generates a new flame body, and repeat. (Note: The Megaton Hammer is also effective on this monster, and deals more damage. Also, if you allow the flame body to dance around for too long, it will shoot out homing flames to attack you.)

[edit] Floor Master

Description: A large brown hand that crawls around the room and charges at you. When it is destroyed, three smaller hands form. you must kill all of these, or they will grow into full Floor Masters again.

Location: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple

Strategy: Slash the Floor Master with your sword when it is a brown color, if it turns green, it is preparing to charge you, so use your shield. Once you slash it, it will split into three smaller hands. Kill these quickly using your sword, or they could choke you and grow into full Floor Masters again. (Note: Many of the Floor Masters in the Shadow temple are invisible, you will have to use the Lens of Truth to see them. Also, Din's Fire is an effective way to destroy the three smaller hands quickly.

[edit] Freezard

Description: An ice monster that will freeze Link with his ice breath.

Location: Ice Cavern

Strategy: Hit this monster with your sword 2 or 3 times. It should die after that. Fire arrows are very effective as well.

[edit] Ganon

Description: The final boss of the game, the evil spirit that Ganondorf transforms into.

Location: Ganon's Tower

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Ganondorf

Description: King of the Guredo Thieves and holder of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf�s only aspiration is for absolute power over Hyrule and the World.

Location: Ganon's Tower

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Gerudo Guards

Description: Members of the Gerudo thieves, they guard the Gerudo Fortress with long spears. They will throw Link in jail if they spot him.

Location: Gerudo Fortress

Strategy: You cannot kill the Gerudo Guards, but you can knock them out using arrows. Hit them before they see you, and they will be stunned for a few seconds.

[edit] Gerudo Warriors

Description: Members of the Gerudo thieves, they guard the carpenter�s cells. They use two swords, and face Link in one on one duels. If they hit you, you are thrown in jail. If you win, they leave and drop a key for the carpenter�s cell.

Location: Gerudo Fortress

Strategy: Use your shield to block their attacks, and wait for an opening to strike. When you see them bend down, preparing their spinning attack, back out of range. The attack will leave them vulnerable for a few seconds, leaving you time to get in a good shot.

[edit] Gibdos

Description: A mummified Redead.

Location: Shadow Temple, Spirit temple

Strategy: Use the Sun�s Song to freeze the Gibdo in place, then slash it with your sword. If you use a fire attack, the Gibido�s wrappings will burn off, revealing a Redead.

[edit] Gohma

Description: A giant armored parasite that has taken up residence in the Great Duku Tree.

Location: Inside the Deku Tree

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Gohma Egg

Description: White and red eggs, sometimes hanging from the ceiling, from which Gohma Larva hatch.

Location: Deku Tree

Strategy: Make sure to kill these before they hatch, it is much easier. Target them with L targeting, then shoot them with your Slingshot, or with your sword if it is on the ground.

[edit] Gohma Larva

Description: Small, one eyed insect creature that hatches from the Gohma Eggs.

Location: Deku Tree

Strategy: watch its eye, when it turns red, it is preparing to charge. Otherwise, just slash with your sword.

[edit] Golden Skulltula

Description: A golden spider.

Location: Almost everywhere

Strategy: Use any weapon to kill these spiders, then collect the token they leave behind. Refer to the Golden Skulltula section for more information.

[edit] Green Bubble

Description: A skull covered in green flames. Green bubbles do not move outside of a predictable circle of motion.

Location: Forest Temple, Bottom of the Well, Spirit Temple

Strategy: To defeat the Green Bubble, wait until its green flame is gone, then slash it with your sword. You can also shoot it with arrows, or paralyze it with the hookshot or Duku Nuts.

[edit] Guay

Description: A black bird with orange beaks. Attacks by diving at you.

Location: Lake Hylia, Lon-Lon Ranch.

Strategy: Shoot them with arrows or the slingshot, or wait until they dive at you, then slash them with your sword. When you kill ten of these enemies a larger one will appear and will drop 20 rupees when you kill it.

[edit] Iron Knuckle

Description: Large, armored warriors that wield axes. Very powerful.

Location: Spirit Temple, Ganon's Tower

Strategy: Iron Knuckles have two basic attacks, a back and forth ax slash, and a downward ax slam. Both take several hearts worth of damage, so spend more energy dodging than attacking. The best strategy is to lock on with L, then get close to the monster. As it swings its ax, back away quickly. After it is done with its ax swing, use the jump attack, then guard and back away again. (backwards jumping is a great way to back off quickly.) Repeat several times, and the Iron Knuckle will lose its outer armor. It will start moving faster, but you should be able to follow the same strategy and beat it. (Note: The Big Goron Sword makes these battles a lot easier, as long as you can dodge the axe attacks well.)

[edit] Keese

Description: Small black bats. Can use torches or blue flames to become fire or ice Keeses.

Location: Most temples and dungeons

Strategy: When Keeses are stationary on walls, shoot them with a projectile, like arrows. When in the air, shoot them, or wait for them to dive at you and hit them with your sword. Fire and ice Kesses are the same as regular Keeses, except when they hit you, you will catch on fire or be frozen in ice, respectfully.

[edit] King Dodongo

Description: A gigantic fire breathing Dogongo with an armored shell.

Location: Dodongo's Cavern

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Leever

Description: Small green monsters that spin around, chasing Link.

Location: Desert Colossus, Haunted Wasteland

Strategy: Leevers will sprout out of the ground and chase after you, watch its movements and dodge its charge. You can use your sword to kill them, but they will continue to generate until you get out of the sand. If you defeat enough of them, a large leever will appear, the reward for killing that is usually 40 rupees.

[edit] Like-Like

Description: Large gelatinous monsters that try to eat Link.

Location: Most temples and dungeons

Strategy: Try to stay as far away from Like-Likes as possible, if they eat you, you will lose your shield and tunic, if you are wearing the Goron or Zora tunic. Try shooting them with arrows, or stunning them with the Hookshot or Duku Nuts before slashing them with your sword. You can also defeat Like-Like's by throwing a bomb at it and getting it to eat it. (Note: If you do lose your shield or tunic, don't panic. Simply defeat the Like-Like and it will leave your items behind. But if you leave the room or die, you will have to go and replace your items at shops.) (Another note: to prevent yourself from losing items, wear the Kokiri tunic and the mirror shield, like-likes cannot eat one of a kind items.)

[edit] Living Pot

Description: A typical looking pot that flies at you when you approach it.

Location: Spirit Temple, Shadow Temple, Ice Cavern

Strategy: Use your shield to block the attack.

[edit] Living Tile

Description: Large green tiles that launch at you, typically found in rooms full of them.

Location: Fire Temple

Strategy: Find a corner and use your shield, the bombardment will eventually end.

[edit] Lizalfo

Description: Large walking lizards equipped with a sword.

Location: Dodongo's Cavern, Fire temple

Strategy: Attack the Lizalfo when it drops its guard, right before it swings its sword. After a few hits, it will run away for a short time, then come back. Follow the same strategy, and you can defeat it. (Note: Stunning the Lizalfos makes them much more vulnerable to attack, without putting you at risk of its sword slash.)

[edit] Moblin

Description: Large pig monsters that roam the hedge maze.

Location: Sacred Forest Meadow

Strategy: Use the L button to look around the corner of the hedge maze. You should be able to see or hear the Moblin approaching. Once it gets in range, use your Hookshot to take him out.

[edit] Morpha

Description: A monster that controls water and the cause of the curse on the Zora's Domain.

Location: Water Temple

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Octorock

Description: A purple octopus that spits rocks at you.

Location: Zora River, Inside Jabu-Jabu�s Belly, Forest Temple, Kokiri Village(Adult)

Strategy: Reflect the stones with your Hylian shield. One hit should be enough to kill the Octorock. You can also use projectile weapons.

[edit] Parasitic Tentacle

Description: Large colored tentacles that block paths in Jabu-Jabu�s Belly. Kill the lone tentacle of the same color to remove the blockage.

Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Strategy: Lock onto the weak point of the tentacle when it drops from the ceiling. Circle around the monster, and use your boomerang. When you hit the tentacle, it will move back to the ceiling for a few seconds, and it will drop back down. Repeat until the monster is dead.

[edit] Peahat

Description: Large plants that inhabit Hyrule field while Link is young.

Location: Hyrule Field

Strategy: Lock on and shoot the yellow root at the bottom of the Peahat with your Slingshot, making sure to watch out for the blades. Some Peahats will fly up very high, and launch small Peahats that chase you. Bounce them off your shield to destroy these, and shoot the regular Peahat, if you can. (Note: It is often easier to simply run away from the Peahats rather than fighting them all the time.)

[edit] Phantom Ganon

Description: A demonic clone created by Ganondorf to battle you.

Location: Forest Temple

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Poe

Description: a ghost that haunts Hyrule. You can catch them in jars and sell them.

Location: Hyrule field, the Graveyard

Strategy: Use your shield to block their lantern attack. Attack them with your sword when they become visible. (Note: By reading their gravestones next to that of the royal family, you can fight and release the spirits of the composer brothers, Sharp and Flat, and find some valuable information. They may look different, but they are still Poes.)

[edit] Poe Sisters

Description: Four ghosts that haunt the Forest Temple and guard the elevator to the boss chamber.

Location: Forest Temple

[edit] Red Tektite

Description: A one eyed monster that jumps around.

Location: Death Mountain Trail

Strategy: Slash or shoot their eye, a couple hits should kill it. You can also stun it with the hookshot, Duku Nuts, or the Boomerang.

[edit] Redead

Description: Reddish zombies who's horrible and scary shriek can freeze Link in place for a few seconds. If they get a hold of you, they will drain your health until you shake them off.

Location: Tomb of the Royal Family, Under the Well, Shadow Temple, Hyrule Castle Town (Future)

Strategy: Use the Sun's Song to freeze the redead in place, then slash it with your sword quickly. (note: redeads are blind, they cannot see you, they only come towards you by the sound of you equipment hitting each other, if you did not learn the sun's song, walk slowly and it will be safe.)

[edit] Shabom

Description: Large bubbles that bounce around.

Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Strategy: Shaboms are resistant to your Slingshot, use your sword or Boomerang to defeat them. They will also pop if you run into them, but you will lose health. (Note: another way to kill them is to throw carried objects into them, such as Princess Ruto, but that's not very nice! Also, if you are good enough, you could slash it with your sword and it will pop.)

[edit] Shell Blade

Description: Giant clams with blades on their shells.

Location: Water Temple

Strategy: While using the iron boots underwater, shoot them with the Hookshot when they open their shell. Use the shield to block their charge attack.

[edit] Skull Kid

Description: A child without a face who lives in the Lost Woods.

Location: Lost Woods

Strategy: As a child, Skull kid is your friend, but as an adult, the Skull Kid is not so friendly. Use the Big Goron Sword to get the Skull Kid before he runs away or throws daggers at you.

[edit] Skulltula

Description: large spiders with skull body plates. They hand from the ceiling and drop down when Link comes too close.

Location: Inside the Duku Tree, Forest Temple, Shadow Temple

Strategy: The Skulltula's weak point is its belly. Get in so it comes to the ground, but not so close as to get hit by its spin attack. Wait for it to turn around, then shoot it with your Slingshot or slash with your sword. As an adult, just shoot it on either side with the Hookshot or arrows and it will die.

[edit] Skullwalltula

Description: A smaller version of the Skulltula that clings to walls.

Location: Inside the Duku Tree, Forest Temple, Death Mountain Trail, Spirit Temple

Strategy: Simply shoot them with a projectile weapon to kill them.

[edit] Spikes

Description: Metal spiked balls roaming the ground of the Water Temple

Location: Water temple

Strategy: The Spikes are vulnerable when they retract their spikes. Allow them to roll into your shield, and it will drop is spikes. If you are underwater, use the hookshot to kill them. If you are on dry land, use any weapon.

[edit] Stalchild

Description: Skeletal zombies that roam Hyrule Field at night.

Location: Hyrule Field (Only as a child and at night)

Strategy: Two normal sword slashes will finish a stalchild, or one jump attack. They are slow moving, and only come in pairs, so these should be no problem to get rid of. When you kill 10 a bigger form will appear and give you around 20 Rupees.

[edit] Stalfos

Description: Large skeletal warriors carrying swords and shields.

Location: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Ganon�s Tower

Strategy: Stalfos will circle you with their shields up, then try to slash you. Hit them with your sword when they drop their guard.

[edit] Stinger

Description: A flying stingray.

Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu�s Belly

Strategy: Lock onto these monsters while they are still swimming underwater, and wait for them to begin flying around. Then shoot them with your Slingshot.

[edit] Tailpararan

Description: A worm-like creature inside Jabu-Jabu�s belly. They have claw-like heads that stick out of the ground.

Location: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Strategy: If these things touch you, you will get electrocuted. They have a weak spot on their tails, so aim for them once they come out of the ground.

[edit] Torch Slug

Description: A large, inflamed slug.

Location: Fire Temple, Ganon�s Tower

Strategy: The Torch Slugs are fairly slow, just hit them with your sword once, and their flame will go out. They will then run away from you, finish them off with your sword. You can also use your hookshot to paralyze them or arrows to kill them.

[edit] Twinrova

Description: A pair of witch sisters who cause mischief in the Spirit Temple.

Location: Spirit Temple

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Volvagia

Description: A fire breathing dragon with a taste for Gorons.

Location: Fire Temple

Strategy: See Boss Section.

[edit] Wallmaster

Description: A giant hand that falls down from the ceiling and tries to grab Link. If it does, it will transport you back to the beginning of he dungeon.

Location: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple

Strategy: When you see a circular shadow form around Link, or hear a strange sound, a wallmaster is getting ready to fall. Keep moving around, and the wallmaster should land on the ground behind Link. Slash it with your sword before it returns to the ceiling.

[edit] White Bubble

Description: A skull surrounded in white flames. Moves around very fast.

Location: Spirit Temple

Strategy: Use your bow to kill it.

[edit] Wolfos

Description: A wolf monster. Wolfos have two different colors, according to their climate. Wolfos found in the forest will have a black and grey coat while wolfos found in cold areas will have a white coat, and be called White Wolfos by Navi.

Location: Sacred Forest Meadow, Forest Temple, Ice Cavern

Strategy: Lock onto the wolfo as it runs around. Wait for it to drops its defense, then attack with your sword. If you dodge a wolfo�s attack completely, it will turn around, leaving its tail open. One good hit on the tail, and the wolfo is defeated.

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