Dodongo's Cavern

[edit] Background

The Dodongo's Cavern is the second stop on Link's journey, as a child, to acquire the three Sacred Gemstones. Link must venture into the Dodongo's cavern for the sake of the Goron Tribe who live high atop Death Mountain. The Gorons haven't been able to harvest any of the delicious rocks that can only be found inside of the cavern, and it's all because the cavern has become overrun with Dodongo enemies. Darunia - leader of the Goron people - promised Link the Goron Tribe's Sacred Gemstone, the Goron's Ruby, if he could run the Dodongo's out of the cavern.

[edit] Dungeon Boss

King Dodongo, the largest and fiercest Dodongo, is who Link must defeat in order to return ownership of the cavern to the Gorons. The boss battle is extremely easy; often referred to as one of the easiest boss battles in the entire series. Because King Dodongo's hide is too tough to pierce with the tiny Kokiri Sword, Link will have to find another way to damage the beast -and what better way to fill a never-ceasing appetite than by filling the bottomless stomach with smoke. In order to slay the foul beast, toss Bombs (or the nearby Bomb Flowers) into King Dodongo's mouth when he starts to inhale. If you're not quick he'll exhale a nasty flame breath attack that does about one and a half hearts worth of damage to Link. If you find yourself ablaze, roll around a couple of times to extinguish the flames quicker. It only takes three explosives to fry this guy up for good.

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