Digging Mitts

Digging Mitts
First Appearance Skyward Sword
Found In Eldin Volcano
Use of Item Digging Holes

Digging Mitts are a new item introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword similar to that of the shovel and Mole Mitts, which feature in earlier titles in the Zelda Series.

The Digging Mitts are obtained by helping a Mogma in Eldin Volcano. Link comes across him worriedly looking into another room filled with what the Mogma tend to describe as "red guys". Once all the Bokoblins have been defeated, the Mogma will then reward Link with the Digging Mitts to show his gratitude.

There is also an upgraded version of this item called Mogma Mitts, which are acquired in the Fire Sanctuary.

[edit] Use

The Digging Mitts can be utilized, most notably, to reveal jets of air that spout from the ground. This item is essential whilst in Eldin Volcano specifically because you'll need them for navigation. By clicking "A" on the Wii Remote, Link will automatically dig in the soft soil. The Digging Mitts can not be used just anywhere, however, as they are specifically for soft soil.

Upon use, Link may discover a number of things. These include a geyser of air, Rupees, Hearts, bugs and treasures. As well as this, digging can also reveal secret underground tunnels that Link can crawl through to reach different areas.

Dowsing with Link's sword can be used to find said digging spots.

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