Desert Colossus

The Desert Colossus is a large expanse of desert in Ocarina of Time accessed by successfully navigating the Haunted Wasteland. Unlike the wasteland, it is a calm area with an oasis situated to one side of the Spirit Temple watched over by the Goddess of the Sand. It also features a Great Fairy Fountain in which resides the Great Fairy of Magic who will give Link the power of the Nayru's Love spell.

After discovering he cannot explore the temple, Link returns outside to meet Sheik who will teach him the Requiem of Spirit song so that he may return at any time. Following this Link returns to the Temple of Time in order to return to the Spirit Temple as a child in order to progress. Following this, he will return outside and collect the Golden Gauntlets. It is here Link bears witness to Nabooru captured by the evil witches Koume and Kotake.

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