Death Mountain

Death Mountain is the home to the Goron Tribe, and many other enemies as well, such as Tektites and Dodongos. Exactly what is found on Death Mountain varies between the games, but there is often some type of cave or Dungeon, and volcanic rocks fall from the sky when you near the summit.

In Ocarina of Time, Death Mountain is covered in Bomb Flowers, and is the location of both the Dodongo's Cavern and the Fire Temple. Up near the top, there is a very large Goron who, if a trading quest is completed, will make you a sword even more powerful than the Master Sword, called the Biggoron's Sword.

In Twilight Princess, steam vents are scattered across the area, and they cannot be walked through without wearing the Iron Boots, which keep you from getting knocked back. The entrance to the Goron Mines is also found at the top, but cannot be entered until you best Gor Coron in a sumo wrestling match.

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