The Clawshot from Twilight Princess

The Clawshot is an item currently exclusive to Twilight Princess. It is a similar item to the Hookshot from Ocarina of Time.It allows Link to latch onto certain objects and pull himself towards them, as well as retrieve items from afar. Link can also extend and retract the chain to raise or lower himself while latched onto something.

Link using the Clawshot

The first is acquired in in the Lakebed Temple after defeating Deku Toad, and then another one in the City in the Sky, which are then combined to form the Double Clawshots. This second Clawshot allows you to latch on to another location while hanging from the other Clawshot.

It is also used in a mini-game in Hyrule Castle Town. The STAR Game as it's called sees Link flying around inside a cage to collect all the balls of light. The first time Link plays he will only need the one, but the harder round requires both Clawshots.

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