Ciela is a bright, optimistic fairy that awakens Link when he washes ashore Mercay Island after the Ghost Ship incident. She can't seem to remember anything about her past and is the granddaughter of the mysterious old man Oshus. She accompanies Link on his journey across the sea, and proves to be more important than she ever imagined.

Later in the game, it is revealed that Ciela is infact the Spirit of Courage, and then Ciela turned to her true golden colour. Ciela had split herself in two to prevent Bellum from sealing her away like he did the other fairies. By collected courage gems, and offering them at Fairy Island, Ciela can able Link to perform a sword beam.

In the final boss fights, Ciela provides Link with Phantom Spheres. Phantom Spheres allow Link to freeze time, enabling him to defeat the bosses. It is around this time that Ciela regains her memory.

The final scene of the game is Ciela saying her goodbyes to Link and Linebeck.

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