ChuChus as seen in The Minish Cap and The Wind Waker

ChuChus are gelatinous creatures that come in many different colors and sizes. They possess within themselves a type of liquid called Chu Jelly, which can be sold, drank, or converted into various Potions.

In The Wind Waker, some ChuChus are electrified, and must be hit with a projectile, such as the Boomerang, before you can slash away. Chu Jelly can be stolen from them with the Grappling Hook, and then brought to Doc Bandum in the Chu Juice shop on Windfall Island to convert it into a potion, or sold to Beedle for 5 Rupees per drop.

  • Red: Gives red Chu Jelly.
  • Green: Turns into puddles frequently. Gives green Chu Jelly.
  • Blue: Is electrified. Gives blue Chu Jelly.
  • Yellow: Is electrified. Gives red Chu Jelly.
  • Purple: Can only be defeated by aiming light onto one with your Mirror Shield and then throwing it.

In Twilight Princess, you can drink and use Chu Jelly in it's raw state; just scoop some up in a bottle after defeating one. There are 5 colors, each with their own types of Chu Jelly:

  • Red: Restores 8 hearts.
  • Blue: Restores all hearts.
  • Yellow: Can be used as Lantern Oil.
  • Gold: Restores all hearts and briefly increases attack power.
  • Purple: Has a random effect. It can be deadly, so it is not always wise to drink it.

Be careful, as they will fuse together into even larger blobs when in groups, and can turn purple when colors are mixed. There is also a glitch in some versions of the game where you can get a green ChuChu by letting a gold or yellow one fuse with a blue one. A good place to test this is in level 19 of the Cave of Ordeals. The green Chu jelly has no effect, and no description, but is speculated to have refilled a magic meter present in developmental versions of the game.

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