Bottles have been one of the most well known items in all of Zelda history normally in a game there are four battles scattered across Hyrule(Majora's Mask is an exception)and each are one like the other.

They can hold multiple items such as, Fairies(these are the most obvious items), bee larva, water, potions, lantern oil, milk, etc.

[edit] Majora's Mask Locations

The following are the locations of each bottle in: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

  • The first bottle you earn is from Kotake at the Southern Swamp's Potion Shop. Once you've located the hag's missing sister in the nearby Woods of Mystery, visit Kotake who'll give you a bottle of Red Potion.
  • The second bottle you obtain is from the Goron race. Once you've defeated Goht in Snowhead Temple, the Goron races will get underway quickly. Compete at the Goron Racetrack and place first to score a bottle brimming with gold dust.
  • The third bottle you get is from Romani's Ranch. Go ghost-busting at 2:30 a.m. on Day 1. If you can stop the incoming alien ghosts from reaching the barn, Romani will reward you with a bottle of milk.
  • The fourth bottle you obtain is from the Beaver Race. At the Western Ocean , you'll need to collect Zora Eggs in bottles, so you might want to win the bottle that the area's beavers give you. It'll be yours if you finish their two-part Waterfall Rapids race within the time limit.
  • You will get your fifth bottle from Dampe. On Day 3 after 6:00 p.m., wear the Captain's Hat and order the Stalchildren in Ikana Graveyard to dig up the grave. Enter the hole, remove your mask, then guide Dampe around so he digs up all of the mounds. Defeat the Poe that will appear to win the bottle.
  • You get the sixth and final bottle from Madame Aroma. On Day 3, deliver Kafei's express mail to his mother, Madame Aroma, who'll be at the Milk Bar after6:00 p.m. She'll give you a bottle filled with Chateau Romani, a vintage drink that will strengthen your magic so that it will never run out unless you warp back in time.

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