Bosses of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The bosses in Adventure of Link can be very challenging. This guide will give you an insight on where each boss is found, and how to defeat them:


[edit] Bosses

[edit] Horsehead


  • This horse-man will slowly make his way towards you, swinging his spiked hammer as he goes. Simply jump up and hit him in the head, this will knock him back as well as damage him. Make sure you stay clear of his attack range and if you have the extra magic, cast Shield on yourself. After a few shots to the head, he will be destroyed.

[edit] Helmethead


  • Similar to Horsehead but this guy is shorter and has more attack options. Damaging him will knock his head off and his head will proceed to float around and shoot fireballs at you. The best way to defeat him is to use a jumping slash to knock his head off and then use the Downward Thrust to bounce on his head. Use this method for his second head as well. This is a quick way to defeat him. Again, Shield is a good spell to use as well as Life to recover your health if you get too hurt.

[edit] Riding Ironknuckle


  • This guy will seem familiar by now as you will have tangled with a few Iron Knuckles already. The only difference is that he's riding a horse and has better defense. Right from the start, move to the middle of the arena. Hold down so that you can prepare for a Downward Thrust and when the Riding Ironknuckle charges across the room, jump. If you have done this right, he will flash as he passes you. Do this two or three times to dismount him.
    • Once dismounted, the real fight begins. As with any Iron Knuckle, you will be matching his sword thrust and keeping an eye on your shield level to the swing of his sword. If you get the chance, jump and slash as you descend to the ground. This causes him to lower his defenses long enough for you to attack his upper body. Keep an eye on his throwing knife attack as well and cast Shield and Life when necessary.

[edit] Carock


  • A larger version of a Wizzrobe, Carock has a very easy to follow cycle of attack. He will shoot energy waves at you, disappear and then reappear. Cast the Reflect spell on yourself before entering the battle otherwise you will find yourself battling an invincible being.
    • With the Reflect spell, you will be able to reflect the energy attacks back at Carock. As soon as the battle begins, walk into a corner of the room, face the opposite direction of the room, crouch and hold down. Carock will continue to attack you only to find that his attacks are slowly killing him. This is the easiest and quickest way to defeat him.

[edit] Gooma


  • This big guy wields a mace which takes a few seconds to deliver and actual attack. Remember the timing and attack pattern. Gooma will being by swinging his mace. Wait one second which is the time it takes for a full rotation of the mace and then jump his attack, landing a blow on his lower body. Repeat this strategy and he will be finished. This can be quite difficult so remember that timing is everything in this battle. Have your Life spell handy as Gooma can do some serious damage in a short amount of time.

[edit] Barba


  • This dragon is the only thing between you and the final crystal placement. Make sure you cast the Reflect spell on yourself prior to battle as this will reflect his fire breath (proving you block it with your shield properly of course). Also, be prepared to use the Jump attack, it is crucial in this battle.
    • Begin by jumping onto one of the platforms. Stab into the air until Barba emerges from the pit and gets caught in your line of attack. If he comes up to full height, jump up and stab him in the head and then stay on the platform he doesn't breathe fire at you. If he does, jump to another platform. Make sure to get a hit in before he dives back into the lava. Repeat this process and he'll be history.

[edit] Thunderbird


  • Before you do anything, even entering the screen, check the left side of the room. You should see some breakable locks. Destroy them until you release either the Red Bird (leave the screen quickly) or the Red Jar (fills you up on magic completely). Next, cast Shield, Jump (so that you can reach Thunderbird's face) and Reflect to take care of his fireball attacks. Now you are ready to do battle with evil.
    • Thunderbird be red when he floats onto the screen meaning that you won't be able to damage him. Cast Thunder, this will reveal his weak spot: his face. Use Jump to gain the height necessary to stab his face. Continue attacking the face while he attacks back (getting faster every time you hit him) and eventually he will be finished.

[edit] Dark Link


  • To gain the Triforce of Courage, you must face your inner most evil: Dark Link. Cast Shield on yourself before entering the fight. When the battle begins, run to the left side of the screen and swing your sword rapidly. Keep doing this and Dark Link will try and get a chest shot in, failing of course. Eventually, he will jump at you but your sword attack will cause him to fall back, damaged of course. Repeat this until he is no more.

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