Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

A comprehensive look at the bosses, as well as key strategies to defeating them:


[edit] Blaaz


Right after Blaaz appears, he'll split into three. Each mini-Blaaz will hover about at a distance and throw fireballs at you. They are also quite invulnerable. Dodge the fireballs and ready your Boomerang. To harm Blaaz, first glance up at the top screen. The map not only shows the locations of each mini-Blaaz, but represents each one with a different number of horns. Trace a path for your Boomerang so that it hits each one numerically. In other words, first hit the Blaaz with one horn, followed by the two horned one, and finally the Blaaz of tri-hornedness. If done in the wrong order, they'll simply split apart again. If done properly, however, he'll merge into physical form.

This form will continue to hurl fire at you, as well as vanish and move to another part of the room. The map handily tracks him even when you can't see him. He can also shove you backwards if you're in too close. Harming him in his physical form is easy enough: simply hit him with your sword. He can also be stunned by the Boomerang, which allows you to greatly increase your offensive combos. After a few hits, he'll split apart again. Simply repeat the process to ultimately vanquish this foe.

[edit] Cyclok


Cyclok hovers around on the top screen, and has two basic attacks. One is to toss a small cyclone at you, which can be easily avoided with running. The other is to swoop down into the bottom screen and try to ram you, which can also be easily avoided if you're watching for it.

To defeat this foe you should first run to the cyclone you see on the bottom screen and wait. He'll follow you there, and fly around in a circle. When his shadow moves over top of the cyclone, toss a bomb onto the whirling vortex to send it flying upward. If you hit Cyclok, he'll be stunned and fall to the ground. At this point, start tapping him madly to harm him with your sword. After he gets back up, simply repeat this process.

[edit] Crayk


At the start of the battle, Crayk turns himself invisible. Once you can no longer see him, he'll begin charging around the room in an attempt to catch you. If successful, he'll grab and shake you. The longer you remain caught, the more damage you'll take, so rub the stylus rapidly back and forth to escape as quickly as possible.

To damage him, you must first ready your bow. Keep your eye on the top screen -- this will have switched to the view from Crayk's perspective. Fire your arrows at the camera to stun the beast. Once hit, he'll tuck himself into his shell. Tap the shell rapidly to damage it with your sword until he recovers. Repeat this until the shell breaks.

Once the shell is destroyed, Crayk can no longer turn invisible. Attack the monster's face with sword or arrows until he covers it up, then race behind him and attack the tail. Repeat this until the vile fiend is defeated.

[edit] Cubus Sisters

The Cubus Sisters

The Cubus Sisters begin the battle by hovering around on the top screen. Three of them will begin firing lasers at you, which you should avoid. The forth one will throw a ball of energy at you. Hit this with your sword to send it flying right back at the sister who tossed it. The ball will make contact, damaging the sister. The four of them will switch positions and begin the attack all over again. Repeat this until you manage to hit one of them three times, defeating one member of the quartet.

Now a triumvirate, the sisters will make the battle more difficult. They'll attack as before, but this time when you return the energy ball, they'll pass it back and forth with each other. At some point, one of the sisters will toss the ball back your way. Hit it back to either damage one of them, or begin the volley all over again. Repeat this process until the remaining sisters are destroyed.

[edit] Dongorongo


You begin this battle by taking control of Gongoron. While controlling him, keep an eye on the Link button at the top of your screen. If it begins flashing it means Link is in danger, so switch back and defeat the threat. Gongoron's job is to stun Dongorongo. You can accomplish this by dodging his attacks and waiting for an opportunity to strike at his side. Your best chance is after he charges you. If he misses, he'll hit a wall and pause for a moment to collect himself. At this point Jump Attack his side repeatedly until he falls over. You'll know he's down when the control automatically switches to Link. Once this happens, send a Bombchu into the beast's vulnerable underbelly. Repeat this until he's defeated, then cross the bridge to claim the Pure Metal.

Uh-oh! Looks like he wasn't quite as dead as you thought. Select the Bombs, then run about dodging attacks and defeating Eye Slugs. Watch for the creature to rise up onto his hind legs. Once he does, he'll inhale deeply, intent on showering you with fire. While he's inhaling, throw a bomb into his mouth. This will stun him, allowing you to tap him madly with your sword. Repeat this until he's really defeated.

[edit] Gleeok


Gleeok's twin heads with hang out on the top screen and spit fireballs at you. The object is to set up a slingshot with the Grappling Hook to send a fireball back into the head of opposing color. In other words: when the blue head shoots a blue fireball at you, string the hook between the top-right and bottom-left poles to deflect it back at the red head. And visa versa. Occasionally Gleeok will dive and cause a tidal wave. Hop up onto a pole to avoid the water, then slash at the icebergs to destroy them before they can damage you. After enough hits, the helmets will shatter.

At this point the tidal wave will take out the back two poles. One of the heads will begin snapping at you -- something you should studiously avoid. Frustrated at not being able to bite you, it will begin charging a fireball. Use the Grappling Hook to attach one of the poles to the head's tongue. This will pull the head onto the platform and stun it. Attack it viciously until it recovers. Repeat this until both heads have been defeated.

[edit] Eox


Eox Stands in the middle of the field easily filling both screens, his attacks are quite slow and don't do too much damage, they shouldn't be a problem.

At four points around the field there are planks on the floor which you should be familiar with by this point, hit them with your hammer sending you hurtling high up to meet Eox face to face, still holding your hammer tap the pegs that cover Eox's body, eventually the bricks will break off revealing mechanical material underneath, repeat until defeated.

[edit] Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Linebeck is in charge of steering the boat, so that's one less thing to worry about during this battle. Aim your shots at the eyes on the ship and hit them. They will respawn once or twice before being finally defeated, so just be aware of that. Also, don't forget to hit the stalks upon the deck. As this battle progresses, the various eyes will fire projectiles at you. Shoot these down for hearts. That's about it...just keep plugging away on the eyes and shooting down anything that will do your boat harm and you'll walk away victorious. Note: if you're having immense difficulty keeping your boat from sinking, try visiting Mercay Island to get your ship customized and give it more stamina.

[edit] Bellum


The battle begins on the lower screen with Bellum swimming about in the water. He'll spit out blobs of purple ooze, which can sprout eye stalks and attack you. Have the Spirit of Wisdom equipped to lessen the effects of these attacks. While dodging/attacking the eye stalks, use your Grappling Hook to snag the purple clouds that are sticking to Bellum. Once these are all gone, there will be a small purple smear near the corner of his mouth (drool?), grapple this and he'll be pulled to the edge of the pool, which will briefly stun him. Switch to the Spirit of Power and slash away at the newly accessible eye to do the beast harm. He'll move around the pool, so you'll need to follow him as necessary. After a few hits, he'll get angry and move to the second level of his tower.

Follow him up the stairs. Purple ooze now drips from the ceiling, which is harmfull on contact and can sprout eyestalks which attack you as before. Again, have the Spirit of Wisdom equiped to help make this less bothersom. Bellum will also try to smack you with his tenticles. The tenticle not used for smacking will stick to the pillars. Your goal is to fire an arrow at the yellow "eyes" of the tenticles. Simply run around the platform to dodge the smack downs, then fire an arrow when you're lined up. Once you hit all of the tenticles, he'll fall back down into the pool. Follow him down and attack as before. After another few hits, he'll return to the second tier. Repeat your attack sequence and his all the tenticles. This time, however, he'll soar up to the third tier. The strategy is basically the same, except this time he'll close the "eyes" of the tenticles. This just means you need to move around more before you get an opening. After you shoot all the tenticles, he'll vomit out a sphere of light and then fall.

Return to the bottom tier. Bellum's sole attack is now to charge you...which is easy enough to dodge if you just stand along the outer rim of the stage. If you're in the center, you'll get hit. Wait for Ciela to creat her Phantom Sphere, then grab it. Tap the hourglass icon at the bottom of the screen, then run to the edge of the platform and wait. Once Bellum is charging toward you, draw the hourglass icon to freeze time. Note: this what you drew on the red door the first time, rather than a figure 8 like Ciela tells you. After time is momentarily frozen, run up to Bellum and start attacking his eye until time resumes. Repeat this a few more times to achieve victory.

[edit] Bellum (Linebeck form)

Bellum in his Linebeck form

Ciela will release a Phantom Sphere. Grab it and freeze time as before, then run behind Bellum and attack his back. Upon being thwarted by an eyelid, Ciela will fly around back to give you a view on the top screen...and then she gets grabbed. To achieve victory, you must first unleash a fury of attacks upon Bellum. He'll block them all and then lock swords. Rub the stylus as indicated to throw him off balance. Once you do so, attack again and he'll be stunned. Ciela breaks free just enough to deploy a Sphere. Grab it, tap the hourglass icon, and wait. Circle around Bellum while staying out of reach of his sword and watch the top screen. When the eye opens, quickly draw an hourglass and freeze time and then run behind him and attack the eye.

After this initial harm-giving, there will be one additional thing to watch out for. During your flurry of attacks, Bullum will side-step and try to stab you. Be ready for the strafe and attack him before he gets a chance to strike. Other than that, just repeat the attack process until he is no more. Another attack Bellum may unleash is his own version of the Great Spin attack. This normally only occurs if you take too long to defeat him or move far enough away. You can not guard against this attack, however you can counter it by using a spin attack(not necessarily a Great Spin attack) of your own at the right moment, and you will automatically lock swords with him. This is also a good way to get multiple phamtom spheres more quickly than by attacking Bellum head on.

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