Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Seasons offers a wide array of diverse and challenging bosses, many of them based on the original bosses in the first Legend of Zelda game. This guide will tell you how to defeat all of the bosses you will have to face.


[edit] Aquamentus


  • He has two main attacks. The first of which is where he sends 3 fireballs at you, and the second is an attack where he runs at you. All you can do is dodge these attacks, and slash his horn to win!

[edit] Dodongo


  • Much like the first boss, all this guy does is run at you and shoot fireballs. When he opens his mouth to take in air, throw a bomb at him. Then he will be temporarily paralyzed. Pick him up using the Power Bracelet and toss him into the spikes. Repeat this to defeat him.

[edit] Mothula


  • Mothula flys around, shoots fireballs, and tries to make you fall off the edge. Avoid all of its attacks, and eventually it will stop moving. Continue to slash it until it starts to attack again. Repeat the slashing a few times to win!

[edit] Gohma


  • Continuously slash the large claw until it falls off. The eye will open. Shoot it with your slingshot. Destroy the little guys he sends out to replenish yourself. Repeat a few times to win the battle.

[edit] Digdogger


  • Use your Magnetic Gloves to get the Spiked Ball to hit the boss. Remember, when you use your gloves, they continue to switch between pulling and pushing. He will eventually turn into a bunch of little guys. Destroy all of them with the ball to win.

[edit] Manhandla


  • Use your Magic Boomerang from a distance to hit all four of the heads. Then, only the green part will remain. Hit it a few times with your boomerang, and then it will start opening itself to reveal a red piece inside. Hit this a few times to win.

[edit] Gleeok


  • This tends to be tricky. Both heads need to be destroyed at the same time. The best way to go about this is to hit the first head, and then hit the other, going back and forth until both heads are destroyed. Continue to slash what is left of Gleeok's body to win against him.

[edit] Medusa Head


  • The only way to dodge all of her fire balls in to use her Roc's Cape. If you get hit, press all of the buttons to be able to move again. Other than avoiding attacks, all you have to do with this boss is hit her with your sword, and eventually, you will defeat her.

[edit] Onox Stage 1


  • In his first stage, Onox can be attacked diagonally with a spin attack. He will attack you right afterwards, so it is best to run. Do this a few times and he will transform into his second stage.

[edit] Onox Stage 2


  • Now Din will come into the picture. Do not hit Din with your sword! You will get hurt pretty badly. The only way to get passed this section is to hit her with the Rod of Seasons repeatedly while avoiding attacks until you get to the next stage. If you have a Green Holy Ring, which negates all electric damage, then equip it to ensure you take no damage from attacking Din directly or just in case you want to keep slashing!

[edit] Onox Stage 3


  • Here is the true form of Onox. Jump on to his hand, and when he raises it, you must slash the Jewel on his head. Now would be the best time to run as he will then follow up with a flame attack. Repeat this until the boss is defeated.

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