Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

This guide will give you an in-depth look on where you encounter each boss in the game and how to defeat them:


[edit] Bosses

[edit] Moldorm

Dungeon: Tail Cave

Strategy: Moldorm really only has one weakness and once it's figured out, he's done. Hit the tip of his tail with your sword, this will cause him to speed up. Wait until he slows down and then hit the tip once again. Repeat this simple process.

[edit] Genie

Dungeon: Bottle Grotto

Strategy: Genie will hide inside a bottle, making him impervious to damage. When the bottle bounces towards you, hit it with your sword. Pick it up and throw it at a wall using the Power Bracelet, this causes the Genie to come out of the bottle and throw fireballs at you for a brief period of time. Once he retreats to the bottle, repeat this process two more times and he will leave the bottle to finally engage you in a real fight. Hit the Genie with your sword, he will spin around and throw a fireball at you. Slash at him until he dies.

[edit] Slime Eyes

Dungeon: Key Cavern

Strategy: This boss will be unseen when you enter the area. Once he taunts you, ram the wall with the Pegasus Boots which will cause Slime Eyes to fall to the ground. Hit it with your sword until you see it start to split into two. You will see a small thread holding the two together, ram that with the Pegasus Boots and the sword, this will split the Slime into two. Simply slash at them and use the Roc's Feather to jump into the air, avoiding their ground crashing attack. Continue this until they both die.

[edit] Angler

Dungeon: Angler's Tunnel

Strategy: Simply hit the glowing tentacle with your sword on top of Angler's head, as it bobs up and down to defeat it. Sometime if you're too slow, Angler will speed towards you for an attack.

[edit] Slime Eel

Dungeon: Catfish's Maw

Strategy: When you first enter the boss chamber, a giant pit will open up in the center of the room where a giant tail will pop out. It will rotate in a circle and then four holes will appear in the walls. When you see the creature's head pop out of a hole, shoot your Hookshot into the mouth to pull it out. Slash at the flashing heart behind it's head to damage it. Keep doing this until Slime Eel dies. Be careful of decoy Slime Eel's, if you pull them out with the Hookshot, they will explode! Oh my!

[edit] Facade

Dungeon: Face Shrine

Strategy: Who else but a giant face in the floor? Upon entering the room, Facade will cause tiles to fly at you randomly. Next, he will make the four pots in the room hurtle towards you. After dodging these object, plant a Bomb on Facade's face. When it explodes, he will disappear and re-appear. Keep doing this until Facade disappears for good.

[edit] Evil Eagle

Dungeon: Eagle's Tower

Strategy: After Evil Eagle takes flight and returns on-screen, hit its beak with the Hookshot when it flies by. When it flies by twice more, hit it two more times to make him start shooting feathers and gusts of wind at you. Use the Mirror Shield to deflect these attacks and continue to hit it in the beak with the Hookshot until it dies.

[edit] Hot Head

Dungeon: Turtle Rock

Strategy: Hot Head will jump in and out of the lava but never actually attacks you... When he's out of the lava, use the Magic Rod to attack him and try to get as many hits in as possible. If he goes back into the lava, he will make a full recovery.

[edit] Dethl

Dungeon: Wind Fish's Egg

Strategy: This boss has several different forms that you must defeat in order to ultimately destroy the boss and win the game. Phase One - Magic Bit: Sprinkle Magic Powder on the boss three times to defeat him. Phase Two - Agahnim: The same way you defeated him in A Link to the Past. Deflect his magic balls back at him with your sword several times. Phase Three - Moldorm: Same as the Moldorm you faced in the Tail Cave. Avoid him, and hit his tail with your sword. Phase Four - Ganon: Charge him with your Pegasus Boots and evade his attacks. Phase Five - Lanmola: Use your Magic Rod, Hookshot, or Boomerang to damage him. Phase Six - Deathl: Avoid his arms and his attacks with the Roc's Feather, and fire arrows in the eye to damage him. As an alternative, you can use the boomerang to automatically kill him, but only if you earned it in the trading sequence before this.

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