Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Here is a look at the various bosses you must face in Four Swords Adventures, and how to defeat them.


[edit] Phantom Ganon

Phantom Ganon
  • Location: Hyrule Castle
  • To destroy Ganon's phantom version what you have to do is engage of a game of tennis with him. Phantom Ganon will fire large, glowing balls of green flame at the Four Links, what you need to do is fire it back at him, do this until the fireball hits him and brings him to his knees. Run up to him and slash him with your sword as many times as possible. To kill him as quickly as possible set up in a formation that is horizontal to Phantom Ganon, this way you'll have more Links to reflect the fireball. Also watch out for his swooping sword attack, to avoid it, run to parts of the screen where he cannot reach.
Stone Arrghus

[edit] Stone Arrghus

  • Location: Eastern Temple
  • To defeat this large, one-eyed rock you're going to have to have a boomerang. If you didn't come prepared, don't worry, you can just drop down from the stairs to a room filled with them. What you first need to do is hit the smaller rocks that the Arrghus is using as a shield. This will bring them to Link, so just slash each smaller rock with the sword once to destroy his protective shield. Once this is done he will start to attack you, so hit him in the eye with either your boomerang or you sword to stun him. Then go up to him and let him know how you feel about large one-eyed rocks by destroying his only eye. Do this a couple of times and he'll be dead.
Helmaroc King

[edit] Helmaroc King

  • Location: Mountain Path
  • Those who have played Wind Waker will be familiar with this boss. The large bird has a large Mask on his head to cover his otherwise vulnerable skull. What you first need to do is go into one of the two caves and grab a hammer, then if you can afford to, leave one of the Links in the cave. Go back out of the cave with another Link and pick up a bomb from a bomb flower. When the large bird flies low to the ground throw the bomb at him. This will cause the bird to fly into the cave. Switch over to the Link you left in the cave and pound him on the head with the Magic Hammer. Do this until his mask breaks. Once it does, do the same thing as you did before, but this time he won't fall into the cave, so just get all of your Links to swipe him with the fours sword and he'll eventually die.

[edit] Jalhalla

  • Location: The Swamp and Infiltration of Hyrule Castle
  • You're going to have to fight this guy twice, although he has the same basic concept each time, the battles are different. First Fight: The first time you meet this over-sized Poe will be at The Swamp. There will be four switches that will make light. If Jalhalla flies into the light, he'll get temporarily paralyzed. So have three Links stand on switches to light up the area as much as possible. Then have one Link chase him around. Whenever he gets paralyzed attack him with an array of slashes from the Four Sword. After you do this he will release a bunch of smaller poes, but they aren't hard to kill. Just repeat this process and you'll have him beat. Second Fight: You may have thought you had gotten rid of the huge Poe, but you haven't, he's back for the Infiltration of Hyrule Castle! This time you'll need a lantern. Go around and light all four lanterns. Like last time, this will put Jalhalla in temporary paralysis. So go up and attack him with your sword. When he can move again, he'll suck the four Links inside his belly. Inside there will be a weird green thing. Attack it, and once you damage it enough Jalhalla will be gone for good.
Phantom Ganon

[edit] Phantom Ganon Revisited

  • Location: Temple of Darkness
  • Phantom Ganon is back for revenge, but this time he brought a few friends with him. He has three clones with him that fire white crystal balls at you, try and avoid these and deflect the green balls back at the real one. Other than the clones, the battle is exactly the same, so just get into a wide formation and play tennis until Phantom Ganon is dead.

[edit] Big Moldorm

  • Location: Pyramid
  • This guy is tough, he's a big, flying rock lizard with a glowing tail. You're going to have to have the bow to beat this guy. In the first stage of the fight the only way you're going to be able to hurt him is by hitting it's tail with an arrow. But there's a catch. The only Link that can hurt him is the Link that is the same color as his tail (so if his tail is glowing blue, attack with blue Link). After hitting him a few times, he'll split into two. This time you'll have to attack them with your sword, but the tail thing still applies, so split up your Links and attack the appropriate colors. After both of them go down, he'll finally be dead.

[edit] Frostare

  • Location: Tower of Winds
  • Ever get the idea that the Zelda creators are obsessed with one-eyed bosses? I have too. This time it's a large frozen eye. You'll notice that he's hanging on the ceiling where you can't reach, so you'll have to get something to get up there. Oh! A Roc's Feather, melt the door on the southeast corner with your fire rod and you'll be able to get one. Now jump up to the door in the northeast corner and stand on the switches, two platforms will appear. Hop across to the other side and go into the lower left door, in there you'll find a red creature waiting for you. Kill it and the Frostare will fall off the ceiling. Come back out and kill all of the Frostare's minions, to kill them quickly, use a down thrust attack (A + B if you have Roc's feather equipped). Once you've killed all of his minions kill him by doing the down thrust attack until he falls down, then go to the floor with him and punish the ice eye with your sword.

[edit] Vaati

  • Location: Palace of Winds
  • The large, one-eyed wind sorcerer, Vaati, has three stages. The first will be on top of a tornado. So throw bombs into it, the bombs will travel up the tornado to Vaati, but you have to time it so they explode when they get to him. For his second stage Vaati will hover over you, there is no way to reach him above ground, so go down into the hole he's next to. You will land in a cannon, so shoot yourself out of it, which will give you leverage over Vaati, so perform a down 'A' attack on him. After being hit only once, he'll go to stage three. Now he'll go underground, so follow him, and with the Pegasus Boots equipped, make a charge at him and stab him with your sword. After doing this a few times, Vaati will go back to the surface and you will have to repeat stage three again.

[edit] Ganon

  • Location: Palace of Winds
  • Here he is, the real final boss. The giant pig's first stage will be jumping around to different points on the battle field. If he lands near you, take the opportunity to attack him, but do it quickly, because this opportunity doesn't last for long. In this stage, he will also fire large lightning bolts at you, dodge these if you can, because they send you to the dark world, where you'll have to defeat a bunch of Stalfos (they do drop a lot of hearts though). After you deal Ganon enough damage, he'll get tired of jumping around and will try to hit you with his giant trident. Dodge this at any cost, because the only time you can attack him is if he misses. After hurting him enough he'll go to stage number three, where he throws the same large green balls that Phantom Ganon fired at you. Zelda will also pop up for this stage, and will start charging up a giant magic attack. Protect her until she has enough time to throw it at Ganon, and once she does, fire four arrows at it, this will cause it to go into Ganon's heart and he'll be killed.

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