Bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

The bosses in this game require individual skill and a lot of team work.


[edit] Sea of Trees Boss - Plant Nightmare

  • This boss takes a lot of teamwork. First, everyone needs to strike the mouthed-leaf that is the color of his tunic. Then, you have to pull the handles that appear. Various colors of mouthed-leaves will appear. You need to hit the one that has the same color tunic as you to defeat the boss.

[edit] Talus Cave Boss - Ice Monster

  • Everyone of you needs to grab some Pegasus Shoes to beat this boss. Now dash against the creature to push its body against the wall of ice. Slash the body of the beast a few times, and then it will transform. You need to attack the side of him that is the color of your tunic to win!

[edit] Death Mountain Boss - Master Flame

  • Picking up the shields are useful, since they can defend against the little fireballs. There is also a bigger fireball with a color inside. Whoevers tunic matches that color is the one who has to slash it back to the boss. He will then blow up, get himself back together, and send out another attack. Use the same strategy before, except after you hit the flameball it will change color again, and someone else needs to attack it. Repeat several times to win.

[edit] Vaati

  • To start off, everyone needs to throw a bomb into the wind tornado thing and then set it off when they are rising towards the main body. Then slash away at him. He will get up, so repeat the process several times to win.

[edit] Four Dark Links

  • Each Link must defeat his shadow to win.

Green Link ~ Slash him after he finishes a Dash Attack.

Orange Link ~ Slash his back after he finishes a Hurricane Attack.

Blue Link ~ After he finishes his jump attack, slash his back.

Purple Link ~ Slash after a jump or a fire attack.

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