Bosses of The Legend of Zelda

This guide will give you an insight on where each boss is found, and how to defeat them:


[edit] Bosses


[edit] Aquamentus

  • You should have no problem with this guy, his attacking pattern consists of moving back and forth while shooting three fireballs that are in a spread-out pattern. Take him down by standing at the other end of the room and shooting sword beams or arrows (if you have them). This method works best with full hearts obviously as it is faster, it's also more dangerous. If you're going the way of the bomb, you'll only need two to defeat Aquamentus but be careful of getting too close.


[edit] Dodongo

  • If you made it to the upper right corner of the dungeon, you'll do well to remember the phrase "Dodongo dislikes smoke". That's right, bombs are what will make this fight an easy one (although it's easy to begin with mind you). The easiest method is to place a bomb in Dodongo's path so that he will swallow it before it explodes. Repeat this twice and he will be finished. If you feel like saving your bombs (at least one of them...) you can make a bomb explode near Dodongo so that he will be hit by the blast and stunned. This gives you a chance to slash him with your sword.


[edit] Manhandla

  • Make sure you have the White Sword with you at this point, it will make things much easier. Each time you cut off one of this over-grown plant's heads off, he will speed up. By the third head, things will get tricky so be on guard at all times. With the White Sword, you can take off a head in two shots so he should die fairly quickly. Wooden Sword takes four hits per head.


[edit] Two-Headed Gleeok

  • Simple stuff. Stand up to its two heads and swipe away. When you have severed a head, it will fly around the room shooting fireballs at you so be careful and continue slashing. If you don't have your sword, you can use the wand to behead it.


[edit] Digdogger

  • Right from the start, use the whistle. This will change the Digdogger into the Digdogger Kid. He will start out slowly but gradually get faster. Because of this, you'll want to act quickly before he gets too fast. With the Magical Sword you should be able to take out the Kid with three shots. Eventually, you will run into this critter once again but he will turn into three kids instead of one.


[edit] Ghoma

  • You are going to need the Bow and some arrows for this fight so stock up. This giant spider will move left and right and up and down when it reaches the center of the room. Its eye will open up occasionally and a well-placed arrow will finish it in one hit. To avoid being hit by fireballs, stand in the doorway of the room.


[edit] Aquamentus 2

  • This boss is identical to the first one. Really. The dungeon you find it in will pose more of a threat than this guy and if you forget how to fight one of these, refer to the first boss.


[edit] Four-Headed Gleeok

  • Same deal as the two-headed, be careful of the fireballs that the severed heads fire at you and continue slashing with preferably, the Magical Sword.


[edit] Ganon

  • Make sure you grabbed the silver arrows in this Dungeon before facing Ganon. He's pretty easy, your biggest threat will be the fireballs spit from the corners of the room and occasionally from Ganon. Slash blindly in one corner of the room and Ganon will come close enough to be hit. He will turn brown the first two hits and on the third he turns grey. This is when you shoot him with a silver arrow, finishing him.

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