The Bombers are a group of kids who created "the Bombers Gang" as a way of doing good deeds and bringing happiness to all those that need it. The leader of the gang is known as jim who hangs around in North Clock Town and is seen trying to shoot down a large balloon with a picture of Majora's Mask on it.

If you shoot it down and talk to him he will tell you about his gang, the bombers, then ask you to do a little initiation if you want to join but only little kids are allowed, so go in as normal link or Deku Link.

At first you must talk to them as Deku link, as you need to gain access to their hideout in order to complete the first part of the game.

The initiation is to play a game of hide and seek(and chase) with 5 of his gang members by tomorrow morning. 2 of them hang around in North clock town, 2 in east clock town and 1 in south clock town. After you find them they will finally give in and tell you the secret code that they will show by lining up and show each number at the back of their shirts in turn. But because you are a deku scrub they won't actually let you become a member . Use the code to gain access to their hideout by finding the kid with the orange hat, standing outside the entrance to the Astronomers place and tell him the code, and he will let you in.

When you get turned back into normal Link you must do their little initiation again . After you finish they will tell you about how the last person that wasn't human they let in caused too much trouble and so creating the "human only" rule and give you the notebook. Now you are an official member of The Bombers.

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