[edit] The Wind Waker

Bokoblins in The Wind Waker

Bokoblins are weak and lowly little creatures similar to Moblins, only smaller and more versatile, as their locations and weapons vary greatly from place to place. They often hide in places to jump out and scare you, such as pots. They are quite common, and so can be found all across the Great Sea, including inside dungeons, on rafts and watchtowers, and inside submarines. They also come in three different colors: blue, green, and pink. No matter the color though, you can steal Joy Pendants from any of them using your Grappling Hook. Occasionally though, they will drop one anyway after being defeated (if you haven't already picked them clean, that is).

[edit] Twilight Princess

Bokoblins in Twilight Princess

They have seemingly suffered an aesthetic downgrade, but their intelligence isn't too remarkable either. Their fighting skills are quite simple, and they have taken on a more impish form. They also appear more towards the very beginning of the game and not many other places. They tend to hang out mostly in the Faron province and Kakariko Gorge. In addition to the normal blue colored Bokoblins, there is also a variation with a more reddish color that is encountered later in the game. These are much more resilient, and carry a stronger weapon. Since they can withstand lots of damage, the fastest way to defeat them is to knock them down and use the Ending Blow.

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