Bee Larva

Bee Larva is an item that has appeared in a couple of titles to-date.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Originally appearing in Twilight Princess, the Bee Larva can be purchased from Sera, or from knocking down a beehive and scooping it up in a bottle. Each bottle of Bee Larva can hold a total of 10 pieces. Bee hive locations include above Fado's house in Ordon Village and behind Hena's fishing hut.

It can be used as bait for fishing, dramatically increasing the chance of catching a fish or other object. However, it cannot be used while lure fishing. It can also be consumed to regain health; each larva will restore 1/4 of a heart.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Returning in Spirit Tracks, the Bee Larva is a Treasure. Found randomly throughout New Hyrule, it can either be used for upgrading some Train Parts in the Trading Post or sold for a total of 50 Rupees.

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