Backstory of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

[edit] The Imprisoning War

The events of the Imprisoning War took place a short time after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time if Link were to fall at the hands of the Evil Gerudo King Ganondorf. As Ganondorf stood triumphant over Link and dislodged the Triforce of Courage from his body as well as the Triforce of Wisdom from Princess Zelda. Thus Ganondorf has obtained the true force and has become Ganon: The Evil Demon King. Nevertheless, the 7 Sages of Hyrule (including Zelda) still used their powers to attempt to seal Ganon in the Sacred Realm. But in an act of revolt, Ganon has summoned his army of monsters to stop the Sages from casting their seal. But a massive army of brave soldiers came to the aid of the sages to defend them from Ganon's forces. Though Hyrule's army would suffer severe casualties, but they succeeded in defending the 7 Sages and casted thier seal to keep Ganon and his army of monsters in the Sacred Realm.

[edit] The Coming Of The Wizard

Many centuries have passed since the Imprisoning War. The land of Hyrule healed its wounds and the people lived in peace for a long time. Memories of the vicious Imprisoning War faded over the generations...

So it is no surprise that no one was prepared for the new disasters that have recently struck Hyrule. Pestilence and drought, uncontrollable even by magic, ravaged the land. The king of Hyrule, after council with his sages, ordered an investigation of the Imprisoned Dark World (as the Sacred Realm had come to be known) but the wise men's seal was apparently intact. He offered rewards for anyone who could find the source of these troubles. In answer to these summons a stranger named Agahnim came and quelled the disasters with a previously unseen form of magic. As a reward, the king gave him a new position as chief advisor and heir to the Seven Sages. The masses proclaimed him their hero. Peace had returned to Hyrule...or had it?

Of late, rumors have traveled their whispering path with alarming frequency. Rumors saying Agahnim now rules the country with his magic... rumors of strange magical experiments in the castle tower at night... The people of Hyrule were gripped by dread.

[edit] Prologue

One night, a girl's voice awakens you from your sleep.

"Help me... My name is Zelda... I am in the castle dungeon." She telepathically pleads.

Link jumps out of bed not knowing whether the voice was part of a dream or reality. Upon leaving his bed, Link finds his uncle, who should be fast asleep at this time, preparing to go out, girded for battle.

"I'll be back by morning," he says as he departs. "Don't leave the house."

Link watches him leave with the family sword in hand and shield on arm. This is a night like no other... Who is Zelda? Where had Link's uncle gone and for what reason?

And so, on an ill-fated night, a new chapter in the legend of Hyrule's hero begins - a new chapter in The Legend of Zelda!

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