Adult's Wallet

The Adult's Wallet has appeared in multiple Zelda titles and is the middle-sized wallet of the set, being an upgrade to the default wallet. It can hold a total of 200 Rupees instead of the previous 99, making for an increased capacity of 101 Rupees. This can then be upgraded again to become the Giant's Wallet.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Adult's Wallet made its first appearance in Ocarina of Time. It is obtained by killing ten Gold Skulltula and then showing the ten acquired Gold Skulltula Tokens to the Fabulously Rich Family of the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village. By doing so Link removes part of the curse upon the family, and is rewarded for his good deed with the Adult's Wallet.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Making a return appearance in Majora's Mask, the Adult Wallet can be acquired through multiple methods. The easier of the two involves the Clock Town Bank in West Clock Town. By depositing a total of 200 Rupees with the Banker who runs it, Link will be rewarded the wallet for his customer loyalty.

Alternatively, the other method in which it can be obtained is in the Great Bay. It is a reward from the Oceanside Spider House Resident for collecting all the Gold Skulltula Spirits on the first day inside the Oceanside Spider House. Although, if Link has already acquired the Adult's Wallet through the previous method, then he will be rewarded with the Giant's Wallet or a Silver Rupee if he already has the Giant's Wallet.

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