A Sharper Sword

A Sharper Sword
Number of Missions 2
Reward(s) [1] Razor Sword
[2] Gilded Sword
Time(s) [1] All Day
[2] All Day

A Sharper Sword is a quest in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This entire quest tree can reward Link with either the Razor Sword, a sword with increased range and strength that returns to its original form after 100 uses, or the Gilded Sword, the strongest sword in the game, depending on how far into the quest the player goes. To complete this quest, the player must also finish "Goron Races! Rock 'n' Roll!" and it must be spring in the Mountain Village.

[edit] Description

The famous Razor Sword
You fixed the Mountain Smithy's hearth, and your Kokiri Sword was sharpened into a Razor Sword!.
Mountain Smithy

A glorious golden sword
You gave Gold Dust to the Mountain Smithy, and your Razor Sword was forged into a Gilded Sword!
Mountain Smithy

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