A Link to the Past Heart Pieces

In total, there are 24 hidden pieces of heart. Each time you collect four pieces, you will be given an extra heart container. By collecting them all, you will be able to make Link as strong as possible. This section will tell you the location of each piece of heart and how to obtain them:

1) Lost Woods

  • Enter the Lost Woods north of the Fortune Teller's hut in Kakariko village and cut through the 3x3 patch of bushes due north. Fall through the hole revealed to find a Piece of Heart.

2) Blind's Hideout

  • Enter the Thieves' Hideout in Kakariko Village (the old, vine infested house), and bomb the cracked wall in the basement. Inside is a Piece of Heart.

3) Cave in Kakariko Village

  • In the northwest area of Kakariko Village, there is a well. Jump into the well from level above it, and bomb the cracked wall inside to obtain a Piece of Heart.

4) 15-Second Game

  • On the other side of the House of the Quareling Brothers (located in the southernmost area of Kakariko Village) is a quick game where you can race through a series of obstacles in order to recieve a Piece of Heart. After a few tries, you should be able to get to the Heart in time. Pegasus Books recommended.

5) Swamp Entrance

  • Drain the Watergate in Southern Hyrule and go out into the newly drained pond. A Piece of Heart will be available.

6) Northeast Desert Cave

  • Enter the cave in the northeast corner of the Great Desert. Bomb the bottom wall in the same room that the Wise Man is in to find a chest containing a Piece of Heart.

7) Just West of the Sanctuary

  • Use the Pegasus Shoes to charge into a pile of rocks west of the Sanctuary. A secret staircase will appear. Enter to find the Piece of Heart in a chest.

8) Southwest Corner of the Desert

  • Leave the Desert Palace in the Light World through it's western exit, and follow the path to the left down to find a Piece of Heart.

9) Southwest of Zora's Falls

  • After recieving Zora's Flippers, swim down from the Giant Zora's area and then turn west after jumping off the first waterfall. Keep swimming until you reach land, then continue walking west until you see the Piece of Heart.

10) A Drop From Spectacle Rock

  • Walk around the left side of the rock formation in front of Spectacle Rock and jump down off the jedge. Enter the cave, and the Piece of Heart will be located on the second floor.

11) On Top of Spectacle Rock

  • On your first trip to the top of Death Mountain, you should obtain this Piece of Heart. Warp back from the Dark World on Spectacle Rock, and the Piece of Heart will be right next to you.

12) The Strange Tree

  • After defeating Agahnim the first time, use the Pegasus Shoes to dash into the oddly colored tree near the northwestern entrance to the Lost Woods (near the Lumberjack House). Jump down the hollow tree's opening, and bomb the eastern wall to find a Piece of Heart.

13) On the Pyramid of Power

  • In the Dark World, follow along the eastern paths of the Pyramid of Power and you should eventually find a Piece of Heart on the eastern side.

14) Lake Hylia Circle of Stones

  • At the Northwest corner of Ice Island, swim to the large circle of stones. Stand inside the shallow middle and use the Magic Mirror to obtain a Piece of Heart.

15) South of Haunted Grove

  • In the Dark World, go south of the Haunted Grove (the area where you recieved the Shovel) and there should be a circle of bushes. Get in the center, and warp back to the Light World and enter the now accessible cave to find a Piece of Heart.

16) The Digging Game

  • Go to the area where the 15-Second Game was in the Light World in the Dark World. Instead, there is a Digging Game, where you can pay 80 Rupees to dig for treasure. Keep digging, and you will eventually uncover a Piece of Heart.

17) North of the Cemetery

  • On the north side of the cemetary in the Dark World is a ladder. Climb up the ladder, and warp back to the Light World. Enter the cave, and bomb through the far wall to acquire a Piece of Heart.

18) "One Who Wears The Cape"

  • Go to the entrance to Death Mountain would be in the Light World in the Dark World. Go through the cave and use the Magic Cape to pass through the bumper. On the second floor is the Piece of Heart.

19) The Chest Game

  • Enter the hut in the Village of Outcasts that has the symbol of a chest above the door. Play the game inside (30 Rupees a try) until you find a Piece of Heart in one of the chests.

20) The Stakes South of the Smithy

  • South of where the Smithy's House was in the Light World in the Dark World is 22 stakes sticking up from the ground. Use the Magic Hammer to pound them all down to make a nearby tree stump transform into a cave entrance. Go inside for a Piece of Heart.

21) West Misery Maze Entrance

  • In Misery Mire in the Dark World (accessed by flying to Location 6 in the Light World and lifting the nearby rock to uncover a Dark World portal), swim to entrance west of the main entrance to Misery Maze. Push aside the blocks and open the two chests. One of them contains a Piece of Heart.

22) Far Northeastern Corner of Misery Mire

  • Go to the far northeast corner of Misery Mire (there should be a little curved, cul-de-sac-like area). Use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World, and lift the nearby stone to find a cave entrance. Go inside for a Piece of Heart.

23) Death Mountain Invisible Bridge

  • West of Turtle Rock is a large rock. Lift it, and follow through the dark Death Mountain caves until you reach the Piece of Heart on the other side. (in the caves, you can use the Cane of Somaria blocks as a guide by pushing them ahead of you to give you an idea if there are any holes or turns in the dark walkway)

24) Narrow Ledge on Death Mountain

  • Before entering the right door of the narrow ledge outside of Turtle Rock dungeon, warp back to the Light World and enter the cave nearby. Defeat all enemies inside, and go through the open door to obtain the final Piece of Heart!

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