A Link To the Past: Action Replay Codes

Here are some of the code for A Link to the Past.

Infinite Rupees: 2f82eae1 5c7d84c5

Max Hearts: a9a1268c e24ce7b3

Infinite Hearts: ee8b5baa 2373cb9e

Infinite Magic: 31d87d4a 84ca03a0

Have Bow: b9a35cdc 213b4e4b

Have Boomerang: 40ac4c47 2a05bec4

Have Hookshot: 63dd7d54 e6b283a3

Have Bombs: d5aad2ef 8cc74935

Have Magic Powder: 4f15785d d447f9d9

Have Fire Rod: 8c6691b3 afbb1766

Have Ice Rod: aed17f6f bc51cb9d

Have Bombos: 78877430 ad6bcc35

Have Ether: 621ec549 456f4b2f

Have Quake: 6493314e e301ffec

Have Lamp: 85ec967f 9f21e0ea

Have Hammer: fbda21c2 1f79b264

Have Flute: a4450fc7 2c51779d

Have Net: 182b48a2 a4bd3f3f

Have Book of Mudora: 1f457a49 c1664b4e

Have Shovel: 4f187800 3737c418

Have Cane of Somaria: 8ee3335b b8b9b4e2

Have Cane of Byrna: 09c5cca1 cc2b6f14

Have Magic Cape: 4ab7d0e2 4c7daab3

Have Magic Mirror: 21013d34 0846204a

Have Power Glove: 81316bd2 bdb6a9a7

Have Pegasus Shoes: a9b8e454 7cde114c

Have Zora's Flippers: 09fa7c02 f4052208

Have Moon Pearl: 88d8948c f3ebd30e

Infinite Small Keys: c06b5bdd ecda8dbf

Infinite Arrows: 60242517 25038a19

Have Sword 2: 099e1b54 0315346c

Have Sword 3: e34cb40f c2ee6c4b

Have Sword 4: d6362e8c f1e04609

Have Armor 2: 56852d5f 1ecf3e5b

Have Armor 3: 68f8808e 33dba204

Have Shield 2: e6630b08 4495bd2f

Have Shield 3: 947e8b6b 6d74fa88

Have Bottle Slot 1: de653eca cb3e8a96

Life Med. Slot 1: 08c3d9fd faad3202

Magic Med. Slot 1: 4de0c74f 86a3c27c

Cure-All Med. Slot 1: dee4e43c 9b3dcc57

Have Fairy Slot 1: a4242b42 e72a33d7

Have Bee Slot 1: d8eefa5b 90f3def5

Golden Bee Slot 1: e82e1e13 8b358b85

Have Bottle Slot 2: 3e70af58 d39c0031

Life Med. Slot 2: 76875b91 212478bb

Magic Med. Slot 2: 363a4cdc b7d63eca

Cure-All Med. Slot 2: c49ccbbd d6434990

Have Fairy Slot 2: 7795acc5 61e367f9

Have Bee Slot 2: bdcabc00 73ab75fa

Golden Bee Slot 2: fdb0c91a 4c5e4331

Have Bottle Slot 3: dd316ce3 35a796a0

Life Med. Slot 3: f80643c5 bd205e9d

Magic Med. Slot 3: 83131e68 8df0df3a

Cure-All Med. Slot 3: eb00cb8d c8fb15d4

Have Fairy Slot 3: 7be53be6 e16fa1b9

Have Bee Slot 3: eb58e4d7 81676414

Golden Bee Slot 3: bde97391 b5da03db

Have Bottle Slot 4: ddef251d 998af5ad

Life Med. Slot 4: 58ce003f 5aee7f8b

Magic Med. Slot 4: 9448ba31 efdc69b1

Cure-All Med. Slot 4 d1776214 8677dfd6

Have Fairy Slot 4: 668ae2bb 3a90bd77

Have Bee Slot 4: 443128bf 9613aed3

Golden Bee Slot 4: 49d6a2a4 9ace81b6

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