A Goron's Grief

A Goron's Grief
Number of Missions 4
Reward(s) [4] Don Gero's Mask
Time(s) All Day

A Goron's Grief is a quest in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This quest begins before Goht is defeated, when Link first steps into Goron Village and plays the Goron Lullaby for the Elder's young son. Many items are gained while working to complete the quest, but the only permanent item gained is Don Gero's Mask, obtained at the very end after part four.

[edit] Description

The Elder's son is sleepy
You played the Goron Lullaby at the Goron Shrine and helped the Elder's son fall asleep. This also lit up two torches!
Goron Shrine

Light the torches
You lit up the Goron Shrine! Now the chandelier is rotating like mad!
Goron Shrine

Find the rock sirloin
You found the rock sirloin that a food-loving Goron hid in the chandelier!
Goron Shrine

Feed the hungry Goron
You gave the rock sirloin to the hungry Goron on the Mountain Village cliff! In return, he gave you Don Gero's Mask.
Mountain Village

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