World's Finest Eye Drops

The World's Finest Eye Drops are an item currently exclusive to Ocarina of Time. Used to clean the eyes, the eye drops have a short period of time in which they can be used in before they go bad.

[edit] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Forming part of the side quest for the Biggoron's Sword, the World's Finest Eye Drops are requested by Biggoron on Death Mountain Summit. He needs them before he can help Link repair the Broken Goron's Sword due to Death Mountain becoming active again through the actions of Volvagia. Link acquires them at the Lakeside Laboratory in Lake Hylia from the Lake Scientist after giving him the Eyeball Frog.

Link then has to take them back to Biggoron within the time frame of four minutes before they spoil. If they do spoil, Link must backtrack to the laboratory and ask for more. Once Link has successfully delivered the eye drops to Biggoron, he will then use them and give Link the Claim Check in return and begin repairing the blade.

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