Weapons and Items of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

To get around the land of Hyrule, Link will need to make full use of the many items he can find. Each item has its own special ability, and Link will need to keep that in mind whenever he finds an obstacle he cannot pass or an enemy that seems invulnerable to his sword.


[edit] Smith's Sword


Description: The Smith's Sword is by no means the strongest blade in the land, but being made by the infamous Master Smith you can be sure of its quality. It is the first sword you aquire in the game, and the most basic.

Location: Received at the start of the game.


[edit] Arrows

Arrows are Link's best form of long-distance offense. They can be used to kill dangerous enemies from afar, and to hit switches Link is otherwise unable to access. When using the bow, keep in mind you only have a limited number of arrows. Extra arrows can be aquired by killing enemies, breaking pots or chopping down grass.

Location: Castor Wilds.


[edit] Bombs

Bombs are one of Link's most useful weapons. They can be used for many things, such as blowing open walls to reveal secrets, or landing an extra, unexpected hit on an enemy during battle.
As with arrows, you only have a limited number of bombs, so use them wisely.

Location: Deepwood (Minish Village).


[edit] Boomerang

Once aquired, the boomerang is the sort of weapon that is likely to stay equipped for most of your adventure. It can be thrown a short distance ahead, and can be used to stun enemies. The best thing about the boomerang is that it always comes back to you, meaning you don't have to worry about ammunition as you do with other long-range weapons such as arrows.

Location: Purchased in Hyrule Town.


[edit] Cane Of Pacci

The Cane of Pacci is a unique item. A magical property inherent within the cane allows it to fire magic beams that can flip over certain items. Its ability can be used to flip flowerpots to reveal Minish portals, turn spiked platforms upside down and to harm certain enemies.

Location: Cave Of Flames.


[edit] Gust Jar

The gust jar is a very useful tool. As Link holds it in front of himself, the blades on the top of the jar spin rapidly, creating varying levels of suction. The jar can be used to pull stretchy mushrooms towards yourself, rip masks from enemies' faces and to remove spider webs from doors whilst Minish.

Location: Deepwood Shrine.


[edit] Lantern

The flame lantern is hidden within one of the later dungeons in the game, and comes in very handy from that point on. Not only can it illuminate darkened areas, but its fiery ignition can melt ice.

Location: Temple Of Droplets.


[edit] Ocarina Of Wind

The Ocarina Of Wind is an artifact left behind by the Wind Tribe. By playing this magical instrument, you can call a bird to your side which will then take you to any of the Wind Crests you have discovered throughout Hyrule.

Location: After beating Fortress Of Winds.


[edit] Pegasus Boots

The Pegasus Boots return, and their use hasn't changed much from previous games. The boots allow Link to sprint much faster than he can either walk or roll, and even allow him to move fast enough to avoid sinking into the bog at Castor Wilds.

Location: Hyrule Town (Use the Wake-Up Mushroom on the shoemaker).


[edit] Roc's Cape

Roc's Cape gives Link the ability to jump, and then fly short distances. The cape is useful for quick switching from one level of a dungeon to another, saving you the trouble of having to take a longer route back up to higher ledges. Of course, most ledges within the dungeons are too high to simply leap over, but the Roc's Cape is good for when the ledge is only small.

Location: Palace Of Winds.


[edit] Shield

You receive this Shield from your royal friend Zelda, during the Picori Festival. It is a simple shield, but the only one you will have access to until you have defeated Vaati. It can block all sorts of attacks, but only protects you from the front.

Location: Received from Zelda at the start of the game.


[edit] Flippers

The flippers are one of three tools that are automatically activiated when they are needed. Jump into some water and swim freely, but only once you've found the flippers.

Location: Hyrule Town.


[edit] Grip Ring

Another automatic item, the Grip Ring allows you to scale the rocky walls at Mount Crenel.

Location: Mt Crenel (Purchased from Deku Scrub).


[edit] Power Bracelets

The final automatic item, the power bracelets allow Link to lift objects he usually wouldn't be able to budge.

Location: Hyrule Town.


[edit] Special Item 1: Four Sword

This legendary blade is infused with many magical elements. When Link has full health, it can shoot beams from it's tip, and when flashing panels are nearby, it can be used to make up to three copies of Link himself. The Four Sword is the most powerful blade in the game, and can down any enemy with ease.

Location: Elemental Sanctuary (Return all 4 Elements to the Sanctuary).


[edit] Special Item 2: Light Arrows

Light Arrows are an upgraded form of your regular arrow. They are much more powerful, and replace the regular arrows in your arsenal.

Location: Cloud Tops.


[edit] Special Item 3: Magic Boomerang

The Magic Boomerang takes everything you love about the regular boomerang, and makes it even better. The magical boomerang not only flies farther than any other weapon in the game, but if you hold down the button it is equipped to, you can use the directional arrows to guide its path. It is a fantastic weapon that comes in very handy both in combat and when puzzle solving. The Magic Boomerang replaces the regular boomerang in your arsenal.

Location: Area opened after fusing with each of the Tingle brothers.


[edit] Special Item 4: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is an upgraded form of the regular shield. While it is unmatched in its purpose, the shield has very little use as it can only be aquired after beating the game. At least it helps make you even more of a powerhouse, considering the legendary Four Sword is in your possesion at this time.

Location: Received from Biggoron.


[edit] Special Item 5: Remote Bombs

The remote bombs are similar to your ordinary everyday bomb, except for the fact that remote bombs can be detonated by you whenever you feel the time is right. They replace regular bombs in your arsenal.

Location: Deepwood (Upgrade).

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