Weapons/Items of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, their are two types of items, the first type of item is an 'A' button weapon. Obviously you use the 'A' button to perform an action with it. Excluding the shovel and slingshot, all of the 'A' button items have both an item and weapon use, and besides the lantern, they all have a level two upgrade. You can only carry one at a time. The other type of item is either used by the 'R' button or is not directly used by Link.


[edit] Bombs

Four Swords Adventures Bombs.png

  • Weapon Use: Knock back enemies.
  • Item Use: Blow up things such as weak walls or rocks.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: Makes the bombs huge, use with caution!

[edit] Boomerang

Four Swords Adventures Boomerang.png

  • Weapon Use: Stun enemies or pull them in if they are too far away.
  • Item Use: Pull in items such as recovery hearts and force gems.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: The boomerang travels faster and farther.

[edit] Bow

Four Swords Adventures Bow.png

  • Weapon Use: Hurt enemies with the arrows. To get a more powerful hit, hold down ‘A’.
  • Item Use: Hit a crystal switch from far away.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: Fire three high-powered arrows by tapping ‘A’.

[edit] Fire Rod

Four Swords Adventures Fire Rod.png

  • Weapon Use: Use the Fire Rod as a flamethrower.
  • Item Use: Burn up large grass fields to uncover hidden items.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: Link can now plant a fire block that will discharge flames in 4 directions.

[edit] Lantern

Four Swords Adventures Lantern.png

  • Weapon Use: Burn enemies that are directly in front of you.
  • Item Use: Carry the lantern around to light up dark sections of the overworld.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: N/A

[edit] Magic Hammer

Four Swords Adventures Magic Hammer.png

  • Weapon Use: Sends out a large shockwave to temporarily daze enemies.
  • Item Use: Smash tree stumps that are blocking your path.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: Holding down ‘A’ will make a larger shockwave.

[edit] Pegasus Boots

Four Swords Adventures Pegasus Boots.png

  • Weapon Use: Attacks enemies with a high-powered thrust.
  • Item Use: Makes the four Links travel much faster.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: You can now dash past holes.

[edit] Roc's Feather

Four Swords Adventures Roc's Feather.png

  • Weapon Use: Jump up and then thrust down on a enemy.
  • Item Use: Make large jumps over things such as a large gap.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: While in midair, Link can perform a second jump.

[edit] Shovel

Four Swords Adventures Shovel.png

  • Weapon Use: N/A
  • Item Use: Dig up the ground in soft patches.
  • Level 2 Upgrade: Buried force gems and hidden areas will make a noise as you walk past.

[edit] Slingshot

Four Swords Adventures Slingshot.png

  • Weapon Use: If hit by a deku nut, an enemy will be temporarily paralyzed, the longer you hold down the ‘A’ button, the more you will fire
  • Item Use: N/A
  • Level 2 Upgrade: Hold down A to fire deku nuts in three different directions.

[edit] Other Items

  • Quake Medallion Create an earthquake that will stun all enemies on the screen.
  • Bombos Medallion When dropped all the on-screen enemies will be destroyed.
  • Recovery Heart Fill up part of your health meter.
  • Heart Container Add an extra heart to your health meter.
  • Force Fairy Completely refills your health meter and gives an extra life.
  • Power Bracelet Gives the four Links the ability to lift extremely heavy objects, such as large blocks and trees.
  • Blue Bracelet Divides the amount of damage you take by two.
  • Small Key Open Doors with locks on them
  • Moon Pearl Open up a moon gate (Dark World portal).
  • Carrot Allows Link to ride on Epona (a horse) for a while, you are invincible while on Epona.

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