Twilight Princess Hidden Skills

There are seven hidden skills that you can learn in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. To learn them, you must find a Howling Stone as a wolf and howl with it. Then, a golden wolf will appear somewhere in Hyrule, waiting for you to come. Once found, it will enter your mind and take the form of a soldier to teach you the skill. Each skill can then be performed in combat by either pressing a combination of buttons or making a certain motion. You can also review your acquired hidden skills in the menu.

[edit] 1. Ending Blow

Wolf: Located just before the Forest Temple. It is impossible to miss this wolf, because he stops you before entering the temple.

Usage: Ending Blow - Target an enemy lying on the ground and press A to jump up and stab it.

[edit] 2. Shield Attack

Howling Stone: On Death Mountain, about half way up, in a small clearing of land surrounded by steam jets and Bulblin Archers.

Wolf: Ordon Spring, near the secret entrance.

Usage: Thrust the Nunchuck forward to hit enemies with your shield and weaken their defenses.

[edit] 3. Back Slice

Howling Stone: After you get the flow of water to Lake Hylia back run across the raised dock near the cabin to the other side of the river. You will find the stone on a small junction of land overlooking the river.

Wolf: You'll find this wolf on a small platform outside the East Castle Town Entrance (West on the GCN version)

Usage: Back Slice - L-target your enemy and jump left or right to perform a roll that will go behind the enemy and strike it's back.

[edit] 4. Helm Splitter

Howling Stone: On your trip to the Sacred Grove, you will find the howling stone right after the traps, in front of the entrance.

Wolf: You'll find this wolf in the field south of Castle Town, in the northeast corner, against the stairs and the wall.

Usage: shield attack the enemy then press A to jump over the enemy and strike it from behind

[edit] 5. Mortal Draw

Howling Stone: On a cliff at Lake Hylia near the tower where you met Auru.

Wolf: Right before entering the enemy camp, after riding the boar in the desert and climbing up the small cliff, take a detour to the right side of the path to find the wolf.

Usage: Mortal Draw - stand before your enemy with your sword sheathed, and when Link puts his hand to his sword, press A to perform a deadly blow that will eliminate most enemies.

[edit] 6. Jump Strike

Howling Stone: When on the trail of the Reekfish scent in the Snowpeak area, you will be brought right to the stone, which is near the edge of a very large cliff.

Wolf: The wolf will appear in Kakariko Graveyard in front of the entrance to King Zora's Tomb.

Usage: hold the A button to charge your blade until the charge reaches the tip, then release the A button to preform a jump attack that hits stuff around you

[edit] 7. Great Spin

Howling Stone: In the Hidden Village, smash through a small window in the large second building on the right to reach the stone. It is in the same area as the chicken.

Wolf: You can find the final wolf right in front of Hyrule Castle, which is just north of Castle Town. You do not need to have removed the barrier around the castle to have access to the final wolf.

Usage: basically a spin attack that has more damage and a wider range

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