Twilight Princess Bomb Bags


Bomb bags are obviously used to hold bombs, but each bag can only hold one type of bomb, out of the three types available. The solution? Get more bomb bags! Below are their locations.

  1. After you have completed the Goron Mines, go to Barnes' shop in Kakariko Village and attempt to purchase some bombs. He will inform you that a bomb bag is necessary to carry them, and offer you a bag with bombs for 120 Rupees.
  2. Once you have brought Ilia and Ralis to Kakariko Village and received the Zora Tunic from Rutela, get some water bombs from Barnes (he will buy any extra regular bombs you may have) and head to the Zora's Domain. Equip your new tunic and your Iron Boots and sink down to the bottom near the giant rock from Death Mountain. Use a water bomb on it, and a Goron will pop out. To thank you for rescuing him, he gives a bomb bag.
  3. Now you can head down the river a bit to the Upper Zora's River [See Map]. Speak to Iza, the woman with the large Afro, and she will tell you that her river rafting ride is temporarily closed. Walk over towards the fishing area, and a portal will appear overhead, releasing a few Twilit Messengers. Defeat them, and the woman will call you over and ask for your help, now aware of your heroic abilities. You must blow up the obstructions in the river for her with bomb arrows, which she will supply you with. After you finish, you are allowed to keep the bomb bag.

You can also double the capacity of each bomb bag by playing the river game again and scoring 25 points or more. Each bomb bag can only have a limited number of bombs within it. This number changes with each type of bomb. This is how many bombs each bag can carry before the upgrade:

  • Bombs - 30
  • Water Bombs - 15
  • Bomblings - 10

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